Summer Ideas for Productive Kids & Teens

April 20, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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We’ve all seen those summer charts online where moms require kids to read, play, go outside, and a dozen other things before they’re allowed to watch a movie or get online. That’s a terrific idea! And while I wholeheartedly endorse letting your kids be bored so they learn how to play and be creative, I also believe it’s sometimes a good idea to give them suggestions. So, here’s a bunch of ideas that will keep your kids productive and learning throughout the summer months.

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Summer Ideas for Kids

If the kids are going to be gaming anyway, you might as well make some of it educational. Hess Un-Academy talks about how their kids are learning the history of ancient empires as they play Age of Empires. Check out The Surprising #1 Homeschool History Curriculum Hack that just might work for your kids this summer. How much world history could your kids learn if you tie it to a video game?

Heather from Lessons From Home shares some great outdoor educational activities that will work anytime the weather cooperates! And Kerry from How to Homeschool My Child has a printable list of 206 fun things your kids can do in the summer months and still learn.

While your kids are enjoying the nicer weather, grab this free bug hunt printable from Fun With A Message. It’s a great way to keep learning while heading outdoors.

If you want to get a feel for how a family with multiple kids of different ages is using their more flexible summer schedule, then check out The Schoolin’ Swag Blog’s educational summer plans.

Summer Ideas for Teens

Teens are sometimes very busy in the summer months if they have a job. However, sometimes it’s just not feasible for younger teens to work outside the home. What then? Can their summer months still be productive and educational? Yes! Teens really can make the most of a break from structured academics with some innovative ideas.

Fundafunda Academy has a list of 101 Things for Teens to do in Summer! Things like geocaching and camping might be considered enjoyable, but ideas like learn a new language, apply for scholarships, and start a business will definitely make a difference in their future!

Speaking of starting a business, the summer break is an ideal time for teens to do this. You can download a free Summer Business Brainstorm for Teens that will help inspire and give them ideas to pursue.

If your teen is crafty, then consider opening an online Etsy shop to feature their handmade or vintage found items. Kids with a good eye for “buy low and sell high” can start a very successful eBay Reseller Business, especially as yard sale season approaches. And the teens with a talent for communication or interviewing other people can launch a podcast in the summer months! All of this effort and time can be tracked and given credit on a high school transcript. Innovative pursuits, even during the summer months, will help your teen’s future success.

So whether you do formal academics all year round, or take a summer break from the official learning, your kids can still be productive and learn new things this summer using some of these ideas.


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