5 Reasons to Follow #Sonlightstories on Instagram

December 30, 2020

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5 Reasons to Follow Hashtag Sonlightstories on Instagram

If you’re an Instagram user and want to connect with more homeschoolers, here’s a suggestion. Follow and use the #sonlightstories hashtag. That’s the banner under which Sonlight families share photos on Instagram. You can see what the Sonlight lifestyle is like and join in on the book-loving fun. Why follow #sonlightstories? Here are five great reasons…

1. #Sonlightstories Are for Moms and Dads

Each homeschool parent needs a little boost from time to time. Hearing the stories of other homeschool dads and moms can provide exactly the inspiration you need. At times, it’s enough to simply know you aren’t alone. Whatever you’re struggling with—or rejoicing about—is something other parents probably deal with, too. And they’ve likely shared about it on Instagram. Scan the #sonlightstories hashtag to find out what’s making moms and dads proud, making them tear up a little, causing them to consider throwing in the towel, and giving them the drive to keep homeschooling for one more year.

a picture of a mom holding a small child on her lap sitting in a chair reading a book an image of a father sitting on a couch reading a book to a boy
A group of people around a table an image of a woman holding a book with a child in her lap

See Hashtag Sonlight Stories

2. #Sonlightstories Are Kids of All Ages

Sonlight kids are typically photographed with books—a recently completed novel, a #sonlightstack of Readers, or a #sonlightshelfie of an entire home library. 

an image of a little boy holding up a book two kids sitting on a couch reading a book together
two girls posing together smiling with stacks of books an image of a little boy holding up a book

See Hashtag Sonlight Stories

3. #Sonlightstories Are All About the Books!

Sonlight is at its core all about great books, so it’s no surprise that books are the most commonly shared #sonlightstories photos. When you see a photo of a great book on Instagram, it triggers all your own feelings and memories. It’s amazing how often a photo with a single impactful book will generate dozens of comments as moms and dads chime in about how the book moved them or their kids. Scan #sonlightstories and you will surely find a book that made a difference for you!

a pile of books stacked on top of each other A book shelf filled with books
A girl standing in front of a book shelf filled with books various children\'s books and a binder open, all spread out on the floor

Be sure to follow our sister hashtags #sonlightstack and #sonlightshelfie for even more books!

See Hashtag Sonlight Stories

4. #Sonlightstories Are Hands-on Projects

Children learn by doing! Whether it’s a timeline, mapping activities, hands-on crafts, or science experiments, #sonlightstories are full of kids at work with glue sticks, markers, clay, pipettes, and tons of creativity.

paper owl crafts kids coloring a map of the United States of America with markers
a child doing a science experiment at a table exploding volcano kid\'s science craft

See Hashtag Sonlight Stories

5. #Sonlightstories Are Community

Contrary to the socialization myth, homeschoolers have plenty of support! And it comes in loads of forms:

  • Grandparents
  • Spouses
  • Siblings 
  • Homeschool groups, book clubs, and co-ops
  • Local organizations that provide resources to homeschool families

The list goes on. Check out the #sonlightstories hashtag to see all the relationship building opportunities available to homeschoolers. And join us! Share your photos with the #sonlightstories hashtag. 

A picture of a family playing dress up as Egyptians A group of people sitting at a park
A group of kids smiling with stacks of books black and white image of a mom with three children in the background

See Hashtag Sonlight Stories

Not a Fan of Instagram? How About Facebook?

If Instagram isn’t your thing, what about joining the Sonlight Connections Community on Facebook? (You do need an account on sonlight.com to join. But it’s 100% free to sign up, and there’s no obligation to become a customer.)

Build Your Homeschool Community with Sonlight Connections text with image of two moms and a baby

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