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I am thoroughly impressed with the “Times Tales” DVD by Trigger Memory Systems. I will admit though, when we first started watching “Times Tales” we were skeptical that it would really teach our 8 yr old son his times tables. However, we quickly changed our minds when after only 1 lesson he was already responding correctly to the quiz! The two part DVD starts out by teaching your child stories using the numbers as characters. Our son was immediately drawn into the stories and he easily memorized them in just a few minutes. The DVD also include flashcards, a “Roll ‘Em Dice Game,” crossword puzzles, a practice test, and a test for each part. These were the perfect addition to the game-show style quizzes on the DVD. The program, is easily student-lead, which is great for the home-schooler; and, you can also purchase a classroom program for larger groups.

After struggling with trying to learn the upper times tables by skip counting, drills, and rhythmic songs, the “Times Tales” DVD is a refreshing change for both teacher and student. By memorizing the stories rather than the abstract facts themselves, the child gains a mental picture they can recall at anytime, making reciting the times tables a breeze. This program can easily be taught to younger children as well. Even our 5 yr old has begun to recite the stories. If you have been struggling with the times tables, I highly recommend the “Times Tales” DVD. Its’ fast, easy, and user-friendly style will bring new life to this subject for you both!

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