Resources for Learning About Japan

November 16, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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My family has a fascination with Japan. OK, we are a little obsessed, but we can’t help it. If the Japanese culture intrigues your family then these resources for learning about Japan will be a great place to start studying all about the country.

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Can I tell you how excited I am to write about Japan?!

OK, truth is, my husband and I have hopes to move to Japan. Not forever, but definitely for a couple of years. It’s just a dream of ours.

This can be a total coincidence, but my daughter has taken a liking to learn Japanese. There are a number of scholarships where we live in Tonga to go to college in Japan. That is her goal.

Then my son, only 10, yet he wants to play rugby in Japan when he gets older… and he wants to be a bus driver when he is done with rugby. However, let’s stick to the rugby in Japan for now. The bus driver-goal is a whole other story.

We also love JiuJitsu, which of course originated in Japan. My husband started teaching JiuJitsu under the guise of black belts in Australia and America. Although, he had to stop because of the country’s lock-down and restrictions.

Anyway, I say all this to say, we think Japan is super cool and learning about it is even better.

So far, my daughter is learning the language however, next year we will begin learning more deeply about the culture and geography. We are so excited about the Unit Study.

Japan is a country with a beautiful and vibrantly rich culture. We love the idea of its cleanliness and how polite the people are rumored to be.

Here are some interesting facts that I have been gathering to share with the kids in our Japan Unit Study. Your kids may also find them interesting.

-The word “Gohan” in Japanese means cooked rice but when you put it next to certain words it also means meal. This shows just how significant rice is and how it is always one of their main foods.

-Kids LOVE Pokemon, my kids still do as well. Pokemon began in 1996, the name being short for Pocket Monster. It debuted in Japan first as a video game. They are going to LOVE getting assignments to write about Pokemon, something they enjoy.

-The ancient skilled warriors of Japan were called Samurai. They used a special weapon named the katana, a long sword with a slight curve.

Hello Kitty was launched in 1974 by a Japanese company. Guess what? DO you know that in 2014 it was revealed that Hello Kitty was not a cat at all? Finding this out, for some, was worse than finding out Pluto wasn’t really a planet.

-Japan is a leader in the world for developing robots. Honda engineers invented a robot named ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility). It is said to be the most advanced humanoid robot ever, with recognizing faces, voices, and responding to preprogrammed commands and gestures.

-In the military, I had a lot of friends who loved karaoke. Karaoke was invented in Japan in 1969. This fun singing activity came from the word “kara okesutura,” which means “empty orchestra. The art of karaoke started during an orchestra-players strike in Japan.

-Japan is super serious about its toilets and it’s not only the bidets. Their toilet seats can come heated, scented, pre-washed, and musical all while being activated by motion or remote control. Wowzers!

-Japan is made up of 6,852 islands. The mainland is made up of four – Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu.

-Japan has the very highest number of vending machines in the world.

-Law and order is a MUST in Japan. Cleaning is a part of the country’s education system. I love this idea.

-Japan has more than 1500 earthquakes a year.

-Slurping noodles loudly is considered polite. My husband and son will LOVE this one.

-Japanese people eat over 17 million tons of fish per year. This is more than any other country. The Japanese eat fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our country exports fish to Japan. The most we export to Japan is sea cucumbers. They are so gross looking, but Japan loves them! Yes, to eat them.

-Tokyo is the biggest city in the entire world!

-It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. So cool!

Of course, I can go on and on. I haven’t even mentioned anime yet. However, I will stop there.

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Videos all about Japan:

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I hope you enjoy your unit on Japan with your children. Sayōnara!

Resources for Learning About Japan text with background image of Japanese building


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