Resources for Learning About Italy

February 9, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Italy holds a soft spot in my heart. You can’t study the countries of the world in your homeschool without exploring Italy, so these resources for learning about Italy can help.

Resources for Learning About Italy text with image of the country of Italy on a map


OK, so I get super excited when speaking about Italy. I act like I spend tons of time there with how passionate I am about the country.

The truth is, I didn’t spend much time in Italy at all. However, it was enough to know that I just HAVE to visit it again once more before leaving this earth – God willing.

My Brief Italian Adventure

One of the reasons I joined the military was travel. Coming from the Bronx, New York, and getting into bad things like I did made me think I would never have the opportunity.

So, I found a way to defeat those odds. I was eventually stationed in Spain, and it was truly the best thing that could have happened for my dream of traveling. 

I was sent to conferences all over Europe, and I was grateful for every moment of it. Hands-down the most intriguing and awe-inspiring place I have ever been to was Italy.

I was traveling to Naples for a conference with one of the command’s highest enlisted officers. The conference ended early, and we had a long weekend before heading home.

We both knew what to do. There was no other choice but to head off for a short tourist adventure to Rome via train.

My neck literally had a crick in it for a week after leaving Rome. The incredible architecture stories up in the air – the colossal Colosseum – we were literally in awe. We walked for hours on end visiting every site we could reach by foot.

I could go on and on about it. Did I tell you I visited the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, and Catacombs? I am done now, I promise.

Italy is an amazing country to visit and an even more interesting place to study in your homeschool. With virtual tours, your kids can at least take a visual through the most breathtaking places in Italy.

Recommended Resource: Geography Activity Pack

Students will explore every independent country in the world plus discover the most significant mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes with this huge Geography Activity Pack.

geography learning activity printables and workbook

Explore these free resources for learning about Italy:

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Grab resources to teach basic Italian to your kids:

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Add some activities all about Italy to your lessons:

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Arts and crafts to go alongside your lessons about Italy:

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Try cooking Italian food with your kids:

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Books to check out of the near-by library:

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Enjoy virtual tours all around Italy:

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These videos provide visual learning tools to teach kids about Italy:

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Italy: Facts & History | kidcyber

A wonderful way to wrap up your study on Italy is to talk about Ancient Rome as it pertains to God’s Word and Christian history.

FREE Places of Ancient Rome Notebooking & Research

Free Places of Ancient Rome text with image background of Rome

Ancient Rome Resources & FREEBIES for Your Digital Homeschool

Ancient Rome Free Resources text with background image of Rome

Paul at Rome Kids Bible Lesson | Learning Scriptures

FREE Paul Writes Letters from Prison | Mission Bible Class

Make a Poster Map of the Roman Empire (Acts) | Future Flying Saucers

FREE Ancient Rome Unit Study | Homeschool Helper Online

Sorry if I was a little overly excited about Italy, it was just such a wonderful experience for me. I hope these resources for learning about Italy can help you get a glimpse of the Italy experience.

Here are a few interesting facts about Rome you can share with your kids to complete your lessons:

-There are three actual independent countries within the land of Italy: Vatican City, San Marino, and of course, Italy.

-Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy (I have had a Naples, Italy pizza!).

-85% of Italians are Roman Catholic.

-About 70% of all young Italians (18-34) live with their parents. (Note: It was like this in Spain as well. Many people just stay with their parents until they leave the country or gain a family of their own.)

-Italy’s real name is actually the Italian Republic.

-The story of Pinocchio was first published in an Italian newspaper.

-Last but not least, Rome was home to many civilizations. There are remains of many of them still like Etruscans (In Lazio and Tuscany), the Greeks (Sicily, south of Italy), the Romans (Rome, Pompeii, and many other locations), the Normans (Sicily), the Arabs (Sicily), and more.

Resources for Learning About Italy text with image of the country of Italy on a map

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