Resources for Learning About Chile

January 4, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Are you studying the continent of South America in your school year? Looking for an interesting country to study with your homeschoolers? These resources for learning about Chile will be a great place to start.

Resources for Learning About Chile

Chile is such a uniquely shaped country. It is hard to look at the continent of South America without the country of Chile sticking out like a sore thumb – in a good way of course.

This is something I always wondered and if you haven’t, you will wonder why you never did. Are chilis from Chile? It would make sense.

Since we were studying Chile, my kids completely thought chilis were from there. However, they surprised to learn that chilis were from Mexico, a completely different country from Chile.

I enjoy starting country units with interesting facts that my kids will find intriguing. Thankfully, Chile is a country with many interesting facts that all kids may want to find out about.

Here are some facts about Chile that will be good for your kids to learn about:

-The Republic of Chile is in South America and is a long, narrow strip of land that lies between the Pacific Ocean on its western side and the Andes mountains to its east.

-It is one of the longest countries in the world; its coastline is about 6500km long.

-In fact, Chile is so long that it has various climates. The climates range from tropical coastal desert in the north to the cold sub Antarctic climate in the south.

-The capital of Chile is Santiago.

-Chile is home to the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on the planet Earth.

-The oldest man-made mummy is a Chinchorro child found in the Camarones Valley (Chile) around 5050 B.C.

-Chile’s longest river stretches 270 miles long – the Loa River.

-On the Pacific Coast (right by the ocean) is the Guinness Book of Records World’s largest (man-made) swimming pool. The length is 1,000 yards, 20 acres, and a maximum depth of 115-feet. It holds over 66 million gallons of crystal-clear seawater.

Ever heard of Easter Island?

an image of Easter Island
Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

Easter Island deserves its own little study and is pretty interesting in its own right. The island is located 3,700km west of Chile’s coast in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Easter Island is known for its nearly 900 Moai statues standing 13 feet tall and about 14 tons. They were only discovered by excavation in 2012.

It is a mystery how they were carved and how they were moved around the island. Find out more information on Khan Academy all about Easter Island Moai.

Consequently, this brought many myths surrounding the island which adds to its mystique – including Easter Island aliens. Yes, aliens!

Rapa Nui is the Polynesian language of Easter Island. The Polynesian people sailed over to the island around 1000 AD. Easter Island is an interesting place to learn about, but as I mentioned, it is a whole other subject for your family to explore.

Let’s focus on Chile, for now.

Grab these resources for learning about Chile in your homeschool:

FREE Date Dash Chile-Chilean History Card Game

Printable Card Game About Chile

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*Chile Country Profile | National Geographic Kids

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Learning About Chile ~ Lesson Plans and Links | Homeschool Creations

Chile for kids — What you teach your kids MATTERS | All Around the World

About Chile – Facts for Kids | Easy Science for Kids

Chile Facts for Kids | Science for Kids Club

Nation of Chile – Country Profile – Destination Chile | Nations Online

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Global Kids Online Chile | Global Kids Online Site

FREE Printables all about Chile:

Chile Flag coloring page | Super Coloring

Read Color and Learn about CHILE FREE | Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

Chile For Kids | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

About Chile – Facts, Worksheets, History, Climate & Geography For Kids | Kids Konnect

CHILE – Printable handout with map and flag | Interactive Printables

Check out some books from the library about Chile:

Children’s Books Featuring Chile | The Bilingual Interventionist

Research projects about Chile:

Chile Research Project | Globe Trottin’ Kids

Booklet Chile Country Study Project Unit | Beyond Imagination

Art projects to go alongside your lessons on Chile:

Chilean Rain Sticks | TeachKidsArt

Chilean School Traditions: Terra Cotta Air-Dry Clay and Wood Crafts Sticks | The Bilingual Interventionist

Videos about Chile:

CHILE! – Mini Fantastic Facts | Jr Mojo

Children’s Music from Chile | The Bilingual Interventionist

Chile Geography/Chile Country | Kids Learning Tube

Enjoy your lessons all about Chile and be a family that is fully aware of geography and countries all over the world!

Resources for Learning About Chile

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