Resources for Learning About Canada

June 22, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Canada is our neighbor! When studying countries of the world, check out these resources for learning about Canada in your homeschool.

Resources for Learning About Canada


It just makes sense that when we study the different countries around the world, we study one of the countries closest to us – Canada.

As a matter of fact, the United States of America shares the longest common border in the world with the country of Canada – 8891 kilometers (5525 miles).

We also are on the same continent (North America), and we both have indigenous peoples on the land before being colonized.

Why country studies?

Teaching about countries can get quite complex if you don’t narrow down what you will study. You can study a country’s history, culture, children and more

My kids enjoy doing complete unit studies for each country they are interested in. They learn so much, and these unit studies break up the monotony of our everyday homeschooling routine. Check out this write up about How Unit Studies Can Break Up the Monotony in Your Homeschool.

We study as much as we can including the people, the sports in the country, the geography, history and more. Studying countries do make for an extended unit, but kids will enjoy exploring a range of subjects with just one interest and topic.

Learning About Canada

July 1 is Canada Day, which makes it an excellent time to study all about this neighboring country of the U.S.

Canada Day signifies Canada’s independence from Great Britain. Specifically, on July 1, 1867, The Constitution Act was effective, which united the three separate colonies of the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Check out some facts that may pique your interests and prompt you to share with your kids.

Canada has three territories; Northwest, Yukon, and Nunavut. It has ten provinces, including Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Newfoundland.

Canadian people have roots in England and France. Therefore, there are two official languages, French and English. 50% of the people speak both languages.

The government is considered a parliamentary democracy AND a constitutional monarchy. This means England’s Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state, yet the country is still a democracy with elected officials.

More than half of the world’s lakes are located in Canada; they have over 30,000 big lakes – holding two of the biggest in the world, Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake.

Most of Canada’s population live within 125 miles (200km) from the U.S./Canada border.

The Nunavut territory in the north of Canada was only created in 1999. It is home to the Inuit population. The aboriginal people make up 1.4 million of Canada’s population. The Inuit and Metis are often called First Nation People. The terms Eskimos, Indians, or that of the such is not appropriate any longer.

Want to hear some pretty cool and unique information about Canada?

-Canada has an island that is strictly for horses – Sable Island. It has 400 horses with only five humans that are there to watch over them.

-All three Prairie Provinces — Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba – have a really bad cattle mutilation problem. They think Aliens do it, so the town of St. Paul is home to the world’s first UFO Landing Pad.

-Churchill, Manitoba, has a law against locking your car doors. Know why? If a Polar Bear is chasing you, you can jump in your car through one door and climb out the other door.

You can find out more cool things about Canada here.

Grab these resources for learning about Canada in your homeschool:

FREE Canadian Prime Ministers Research Notebooking

Free Canadian Prime Ministers Research & Notebooking text with image of Canadian flag and a snowy mountain

A Study Of Canada For Kids | Simplicity Speaking

Resources all About Canada (FREE Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities, and more) | TeacherPlanet

2+ Printable FREE Worksheets Canada Information and Map (PreK-Grade1 and Grade2-Grade6) | KidZone

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Educational Summer Vacation: Studying Canada | Unremarkable Files

Hands-On Canadian History: When the Provinces and Territories Joined Canada | The Canadian Homeschooler

Facts about Canada (FREE Printable) | Making Friends

Canada Unit Study for Kids | Starts at Eight

Online Teaching Resources for Canadian History | Homeschool Base

Canada Booklet (A Country Study) | Emily Bynum

FREE Download Canada Quiz | AllThingsTopics

Canadian Provinces and Territories Worksheet | Thrifty Mommas Tips

Canada Capitals Matching Assessments Quiz | Smooth Sailing

FREE Notebooking Pages – Famous Canadians | Intentional Homeschooling

Canadian Prime Minister FREE Lesson | Teach Beside Me

Canadian Prime Ministers Lesson text with image examples of pages

Fun Ideas For Young Students To Learn About And Celebrate CANADA! | That Fun Reading Teacher

These resources will help your kids learn about and celebrate Canada Day on July 1st:

Canada Day Crafts for Kids | The Chaos and the Clutter

FREE Printable Canada Day Preschool Activity Book | Frugal Mom, eh!

Canada Day FREE Printable Wand Craft for Kids To Make | Projects with Kids

20+ Canada Day Activities and Crafts | One Time Through

Canada Day FREEBIES! | Grade Onederful

Adorable Canada Day FREEBIE! | Mrs W

Canada Day Coloring Pages – FREE Maple Leaf Art | The Imagination Box

Explore these activities and videos to help engage your kids when studying Canada:

Canadian Money FREEBIE! | The Third Grade Zoo

9 Facts About Canada for Kids (Video) | Learn with Mrs. B

Canada for Children Geography (Video) | Kineticstreaming

All About Canada PowerPoint | HappyEdugator

5 Canadian Virtual Field Trips for Fun & Learning | The Canadian Homeschooler

Date Dash Canada—Canadian History Card Game | WriteBonnieRose

Date Dash Canada Printable Card Game All About Canada text with image of mountains and a body of water

Canadian Dress-Up Paper Doll with a FREE Printable Template | Adventure in a Box

Folk Songs from Canada (FREEBIE) | Lindsay Jervis

Canada Mini-Book | The Classroom Sparrow

Map Assignment on Canada – FREE! | Addie Williams

Canada Coordinate Graphing Picture First Quadrant & ALL Four Quadrants FREE | Hayley Cain – Activity After Math

Uniquely Canadian Igloo Decoration | FeltMagnet

Canada Day FREE Maze Printable | Thrifty Mommas Tips

Geography Game Printable – Canada  | The Canadian Homeschooler

Canada Lapbook Project | Mark Niedjalski

FREE! Canada Day Packet | Tools to Grow

Printable Canada FREE I Spy Game | Living Life and Learning

Canada I Spy printable game

Pop Culture Games: Canada Trivia | PrintGamesNow

Canada Unit Activity | Sallie Borrink

FREE Canadian Symbols Bag | Grade Onederful

Canada Political and Physical Map Activities | White’s Workshop

FREE Canada Fact Cards | The Canadian Homeschooler

Canada! Canadian Identity Discussion Topics, Writing Prompts FREE | Diana Bailey

Canada Bingo FREE Game | Living Life and Learning

Canada Activities Pack For K-1 | Castle View Academy

Would you like to learn more about the history and geography of Canada?

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Canadian Geography Notebooking Journal

Canadian National Parks Notebooking Journal text with image of a mountain and a body of water

Writing Prompts History of Canada

My Book About Canada text with animated image of a open book


We hope you have found these free resources on Canada helpful in your homeschool. It’s so much fun to learn about other countries!
Resources for Learning About Canada

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