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December 21, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Looking for some new homeschool podcasts to check out? Here’s a great list of inspiring and encouraging podcast episodes that will give you strategies and ideas to implement into your home and homeschool.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to keep learning as a homeschool mom while you’re still productive around the house. Pop in the earbuds while you’re doing the dishes, folding the laundry, or taking a brisk walk.

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Top Episodes for Homeschooling

First, check out the Homeschooling with Technology Podcast hosted by Meryl van der Merwe. Her top downloaded episode is about Creating Electives with Online Resources. She dives into why you should consider adding electives to your high schooler’s homeschool transcript and then how to go about doing it. This freedom to craft interesting electives that fit in with our student’s passions is a huge benefit to homeschooling. This is especially true in the high school years!

Maybe you’re looking for a podcast that addresses parenting our kids with ADHD, Autism or any other executive functioning struggles. If so, then check out A Heart for All Students Podcast. In episode 29, The Best Parenting Strategy: ADHD & Autism, host Lindsay Leiviska explores navigating the hard behaviors, school resistance, and reaching the heart. She was struck with the question: How should a Christian mom discipline a child with ADHD or Autism? Her episode will bring hope if you’re dealing with the same situation! You’ll find encouragement and strategies as she speaks about the ability to influence our children through relationship.

As Lee Iacocca admonishes, “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, they won’t get you anywhere!” In this episode on Communication, Lisa Nehring explores this important skill on the Soft Skills 101 Podcast. Lisa discusses the four types of communication. Then she covers what goes into effective communication and simple steps to get your kids started with this skill. She also links to multiple books and podcasts that will give you a great resource list to check out.

Top Podcast Episodes for Homeschool Moms

Next, if you’re overwhelmed and stressed with homeschooling, then you might need some homeschool mama self care. Teresa Wiedrick helps homeschool moms incorporate self-care strategies into their real homeschool worlds. She helps turn your challenges into your charms. Check out her episode on Homeschool Mama Self Care for ideas that you can implement into your life right now! 

Finally, Julie Polanco’s podcast isn’t directly about homeschooling, but you’ll still want to check out her top episode on the Crunchy Christian Podcast. Julie’s episode, Benefits of Super G’s, will walk you through the reason why green tea, garlic, and guts are excellent additions to your daily diet! 

Best Homeschool Podcast Interviews

Want to relieve some of the pressure from your unrealistic homeschool expectations? Then check out the Homeschool with Moxie Podcast! It will inspire and encourage you with actionable strategies to take you from overwhelmed to confident in your homeschool adventure. Here are some of the best interviews related to passion-driven education, mindset, and reclaiming childhood.

Hopefully this post gave you some new-to-you podcasts to check out. It’s always a great thing to add to our homeschool tool box and gain inspiration, strategies, and practical ideas to grow in this calling. 

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