CLOSED Giveaway – Online Record Keeping System – 2 Winners $55 Value Each!

July 14, 2013

Carrie Fernandez


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Applecore is a simple records keeping service for homeschoolers

Designed for the fast paced homeschool parent so you can focus on your children, not the next gray hair. Track courses, grades, attendance and much more, all with full reporting from transcripts to report cards. We know homeschooling!

This Week ~ Enter to win a GOLD One-Year Membership ($55 Value!) Two Winners!!

Enter courses, texbooks, grades and more. Easily keep track of attendance for each student and use the scheduler to plan your week!
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Save as PDF or print all the reports you need like transcripts, report cards, portfolio, attendance and weekly schedules to give to your family. Oh so fun!
“This was very easy to use, I have home schooled for 17 years, and this has been the least stressful system so far. Great job on the programming!” – Catherine
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