Leonardo Davinci Unit Studies and FREE Printables

December 3, 2015

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If you are studying the Renaissance time period in History then you must learn about Leonardo Da Vinci!

Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Davinci was such an interesting man. Not only did he create some amazing masterpieces, he was also a scientist and an amazing inventor during the Renaissance. There are so many different ways you can study Leonardo Davinci. You can study his artwork and do an artist study, or you can study his inventions and do and inventor study. I love how studying this man can cover Science, Art and History at the same time! 

I wanted to share with you some great printables and ideas for you to be able to create your own Leonardo Davinci Unit Studies:

FREE Printables:
Printable Biography
Printable Art History Biography for Middle School
Printable Biography Activity Sheet Word Puzzle
Leonardo Davinci Word Search
FREE Leonardo Davinci Vocabulary Worksheet Packet
Leonardo and the Mona Lisa Make Your Own Comic
How to Create an Interactive Flipbook About Leonardo Davinci with free printable
How to Create an Interactive Flipbook About Leonardo da Vinci {  Free Printable}

The Pinay Homeschooler has some amazing Leonardo DaVinci Unit Study Resources:
Leonardo DaVinci Unit Study with FREE Printable Art Cards
Painting like Leonardo Davinci
Making Portraits Using Tempura Paints

Coloring Pages – these would be great to put in a Leonardo Davinci Notebook.
Lady With an Ermine
Mona Lisa
The Last Supper
Horse Sculpture
Proportions of the Human Figure
Leonardo Davinci 

Create a Davinci Parachute Classroom Activity

Leonardo Line Drawing Template Activity

Invent Like Davinci Inkblot Art Lesson

Create a paper model of Leonardo Davinci’s Ornithopter Flying Machine
Fun with Mona Lisa Art Project

Online Study Guides, Websites and Games:
Historical Quotes by Leonardo Davinci – these would be great for copywork!
Leonardo da Vinci Quotes Printable Quotations at Inventors Trunk
Leonardo Davinci for Kids: Mona Lisa – biography of Leonardo and details on the Mona Lisa with lots of pictures and information.

Leonardo Davinci Online Paintings – Here you’ll find a chronological survey of Leonardo da Vinci’s work as a painter, from his earliest 1470s efforts as an apprentice in Verrocchio’s workshop, to his final painted piece,St. John the Baptist (1513-16).

Leonardo Davinci Online Study Guide

26 Fantastic Leondardo Davinci Anatomy Sketches – use your own discretion when showing younger children.

The Complete Works of Leonardo Davinci is an online collection of all of Davinci’s paintings as well as a biography.

Davinci Mystery Online Game

Fun da Vinci online puzzle game using Davinci’s inventions

Great Secrets Davinci Hidden Object Game

Books on Leonardo Davinci:

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