Learn Math Facts with this One Page a Day Supplemental Workbook

April 14, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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I have been homeschooling for 18 years now and one thing that has always been a struggle for my children is learning and really knowing their math facts.

Many other parents struggle with the same thing. Read on to discover how your student can learn math facts with this one page a day supplemental workbook that will delight even the most reluctant learner.

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I have tried many different math curricula over the years – new ones, and old classics. I have found the one thing lacking from many main stream math programs is that is they don’t offer enough practice of math facts and move too fast before a child can have them solidly memorized.

Others may include pages and pages of drill and kill worksheets that may overwhelm and frustrate a child. 

The last thing I want to do is to drain the love of learning from my children and have them despise math. I have four children, and believe me, I know how easy it is for this to happen!

My youngest child just turned 10. She actually enjoys math, which is different from my other children. She loves what she is using for math and loves numbers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough math fact practice built in to her curriculum.

Just this year, I realized she was really struggling with her multiplication facts. I knew I needed to do something and fast! She needs to get her facts memorized before moving into the 5th grade.

Memorizing Math Facts

Being a busy, work from home mom of many I have a confession. I had been giving my daughter cheat sheets and letting her find the facts on her own when she gets stuck!

She doesn’t like flash cards, and she doesn’t do well with computer games, so it was just what I could do at the moment. Knowing that I needed to fix this before her love of math disappeared, I decided to seek out a resource that would help my child memorize her math facts.

I began my search for printable worksheets and math drill worksheets. They all looked so dry and boring and my daughter did not care for them. That is when I stumbled upon Page A Day Math.

I had a chance to chat with Janice, the creator of this curriculum and I really got to see her heart for the program. She created it for the very reason I, as a homeschool mom have been frustrated. She saw that there was something missing from many math programs and so she created it with Page A Day Math.

Disclaimer: I received the Multiplication Kit to use and review with my daughter and she was so excited when we opened it! This is not a paid review and all opinions are my own. 

an image of a child holding a card and sitting on a table with a bunch of One Page a Day Math books shown in front of her as an example

The packaging and design is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It will delight any child that loves puppies and puppy super heroes. My daughter was so excited with all the goodies that came in our box.

Along with the Multiplication Box Kit of 12 books was a thank you card, stickers, tattoos, bookmarks and printed multiplication tables, and charts. We also got a cursive handwriting workbook which was a nice bonus.

You can get many of the math charts, tables and flashcards as a FREE digital download HERE.

Let’s take a look at what Page A Day Math is all about:

Page A Day Math with the Math Squad (cute superhero puppies) is a math fluency program. It will introduce your children to step-by-step multiplication by tracing the numbers and multiplication equations each day.

It helps develop legible number handwriting as well as number sense and practices independent learning at the same time.

The program is really quite simple. The core of the program is the page a day workbooks. These are nicely printed 8×8 books that come in a sturdy, cardboard box to store them in. They are very colorful, glossy covers and hold up well.

I love the size as it is easy to throw into a bag or backpack. This makes it very convenient for running errands or when we need to kill some time between appointments and I want her to get some math practice in. 

There are 12 books in this kit. Book 1 covers multiplying by 1, Book 2 multiplying by 2, and so on, all the way through to the 12 tables.

Each book is sequential and builds upon one another. If your child is older like mine and is familiar with her facts, the first two books: the one and two families may be a little boring and too redundant.

Since Janice knew my daughter was older, she had suggested that we could skip those and move on to the next books if we needed to. After about a week of use, we went ahead and moved up to the third book as I was confident she already knew the facts in the first two. 

Simple to use multiplication system:

I love how simple it is to use, and that it is hands-off for the parent. Each morning when I am working with my older children, I have my daughter get her workbook out and complete her one page a day. It takes her about 10 minutes a day.

Each book has 14 days of practice per book and each page has 40 math problems in them. There are a total of 550 problems per book. Now that is a lot of math practice in a nice, compact package.

Every day has a new math fact to focus on and old ones are sprinkled in to help with fluency and memorization. 

a math book left opened on a wooden table

As you can see in the photo, your child traces the numbers and then writes the answer. The reason for this is to help with fine motor skills and good handwriting as well as memorization as they write new facts and old facts each day.

I love how they are repeated because it can be easy to forget. After they finish their problems for the day they get to color in the stars for that day.

If you look closer, you can see that she rushed through the new facts and ended up getting them wrong. What happened is that she just wrote the number 3 really fast 3 times without thinking.

I like to make sure I take some time to look over her book and have her correct the problems that she got wrong. It is suggested to do this daily. I have found that I sometimes forget, but I do make sure to set aside time at the end of the week to look over it with her and have her correct them.

At the end of each book is a certificate that you fill out for your child that they have completed it. 

What my daughter thinks:

My daughter loves the Math Squad puppy characters, and they seem to keep her engaged. Each book has some really cute and quirky educational facts that she finds delightful! There are even some clever jokes sprinkled in. I know she looks forward to seeing what the next book has to offer.

She has complained a couple of times about the redundancy, but she is learning her multiplication facts, and generally speaking, that’s pretty redundant.

I also heard a grumble about having to trace the numbers over and over instead of writing them out. She isn’t used to repetitive tracing so it frustrated her a bit. She prefers to copy the actual problem instead of trace it. I explained to her that it was to help her to memorizing what she is writing and to form the numbers correctly. That she is training her brain to learn and see and remember the facts.

Now, she is older than the recommended age of 8, so that may have something to do with her frustration. I know she doesn’t feel like it is beneath her and she does look forward to pulling it out each day, even with the little complaints here and there.

I was hoping it would be a good fit because she needed something to do daily to help her to memorize her facts. She prefers it over flashcards, or silly multiplication songs for sure.

She is starting to have a solid grasp of the facts she has learned so far, which is amazing and helping to build her confidence. 

My thoughts:

I think this is a great program for building math fluency. I am happy to have found it as we really needed help, and this is so easy for the parent! Sometimes, you just can’t add one more thing to your days, but with Page A Day Math it really is just a page a day (front and back is one full page). I love how colorful and cute it is. It isn’t dry and boring, and it is simple and convenient. 

Other products in the Page A Day line are:

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