Join the 6 Day Intentional Living Challenge for Busy Moms

January 5, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Have you ever wished you could focus better on the things that really matter from day-to-day?

The secret is intentional living!

Mom and Daughter Happy 6 Day Intentional Living Challenge For Busy Moms

As a mom of eight kids, Kathie remembers the time when she seriously struggled with feeling like she had too much to do. There was too much stress and a general feeling of failing to live intentionally and keeping  priorities right.

She wondered how she got to that place, and she could get out of it. How could she better manage her life and make a plan to live more intentionally? She cried out to God asking Him to guide her and show her what she needed to do.

He specifically pointed out areas to focus intentionally on:

  • Focus on the Heart – developing a relationship with God and His Word
  • Caring for your Health – taking steps to better self-care
  • Nurturing your Family – building strong relationships in the home
  • The Home – managing the housekeeping
  • Prioritizing Time – managing time to better achieve priorities and goals
  • Prayer Life – maintaining it all with the power of intentional prayer

Most of us know these should be our priorities, and we really want to do right in each of the areas, but we don’t know where to begin.

If you are ready to follow through on your goals and priorities and begin living intentionally then this challenge from The Character Corner is for you!

By taking little steps that develop habits, it will help you to live life with more purpose and more meaning.

For 6 days Kathie will be sharing a post for each of the areas and a simple challenge that won’t overwhelm you in your already busy life!

Whether you are totally overwhelmed and struggling, or just needing a little bit of encouragement to focus more on being intentional in these key areas, you will find help and encouragement here.

Take these steps that will change your life, and get you back on track. The challenge starts on January 13th, after things have slowed down from the holidays. 

Sign up to join and have the daily challenge email sent to your inbox that week!

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