Improving Your Child’s Math Skills Just Got Easier

February 27, 2019

The Time4Learning Team

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Math plays an important role in today’s education and industry. It really is the foundation for many employment opportunities that are becoming more prevalent in the job market. For example, everyone from engineers to carpenters, administration assistants and software developers use math everyday. And building a strong groundwork by learning the basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is paramount, especially at an early age.

But there is one problem: Many tools that homeschoolers use such as flash cards and common repetition of math facts are boring for children of all ages. They don’t get inspired and quickly lose interest. Not anymore. A recently released product from Time4Learning named Time4MathFacts—powered by Reflex—makes studying the basic principles of mathematics fun. It incorporates interactive online games and a rewards system that will stimulate your child’s imagination and give him or her an incentive to learn and progress.

Improving your child's math skills just got easier

How it Works

Time4MathFacts only requires what most homeschoolers already have—a computer. Your child’s math skills are initially assessed and then Time4MathFacts uses a flexible, individualized method that lets children work at a math level that meets their needs. As your student progresses the program adjusts the lessons based on what your child has previously learned in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The program incorporates interactive and entertaining games that promote learning in an engaging atmosphere. Children study at their own pace and are rewarded with tokens. The quicker your student answers the questions correctly, the more tokens they are given. You’ll soon notice that this reward method entices and inspires your child to study their math facts at an accelerated rate. Students can the trade the tokens for items which are used to customize their avatar.

Using a Proven Math Fact Fluency Method

Time4MathFacts is based on a proven method for learning mathematics. It basically teaches math fact fluency by learning “fact families.” Children concentrate on a set of facts for a group of numbers. Addition and subtraction are paired and taught together and multiplication and division facts are taught as a family.

The program’s method also focuses on effort. A study by the National Math Advisory Panel found:

“Experimental studies have demonstrated that changing children’s beliefs from a focus on ability to a focus on effort increases their engagement in mathematics learning, which in turn improves mathematics outcomes: When children believe that their efforts to learn make them “smarter,” they show greater persistence in mathematics learning.”

This is an important point because Time4MathFacts builds math fact fluency using this method, and math fact fluency is one of the few areas where measurable progress can occur in almost every session. This progress shows your children that their effort actually counts for something and, subsequently, they put forth more effort as they advance. It causes positive momentum, which is reinforced by the rewards system.

Using Time4MathFacts

Time4MathFacts is included in your Time4Learning membership, so there are no additional costs, which helps because most homeschoolers are on a budget. It is automatically added to accounts with 2nd and 3rd grade students, and can be added to other grade levels by request. This is important because even though it is well-matched for students in grades 2–3 it can also help students in grades 4–6 and special needs students. Many parents use Time4MathFacts as an after school skill builder, a summer study program, or any time a student is having difficulty in math.

It’s great for children in their elementary school level years because it prepares them for future endeavors, which will include more difficult calculations that require a strong math foundation. Time4MathFacts is best suited for a laptop or desktop computer with the latest version of your preferred web browser.

Sarah, the mother of a third grader, struggled to get her daughter to learn basic math concepts. She quickly lost interest until she tried this new method.

“I was extremely worried because my daughter was not moving beyond basic math concepts and problems. She was becoming frustrated and less interested in trying. Once I started the online math fluency program the games and interactive lessons motivated her to put forth more effort. As a result, she received more tokens and increased her progress. I was also provided with reports that enabled me to monitor her advances. Now I don’t even have to ask her to practice math, she does it on her own.”

As technological advances grow at breakneck speeds, industry leaders will continue to search for job candidates that have strong math skills. Afterall, math skills aren’t just about numbers—studying math helps students improve their organizational skills, problem solving, analytical skills, data interpretation, budgeting skills, and more. It teaches everything an employer dreams about in a candidate. So, get an early start and begin building toward your child’s prosperous future.

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