How Keeping Good Records Can Help You Homeschool High School

June 12, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I don’t want to make you panic; I apologize beforehand. If you aren’t an organized homeschool parent, if you don’t have state requirements, or are super relaxed in homeschool, you may want to reconsider when your child reaches high school. It would be wise to understand how keeping good records can help you homeschool high school.

How Keeping Good Records Can Help You Homeschool High School

You might already be a little jittery about the whole “teaching a high school student” thing. I understand — I was nervous too, twice.

If you are homeschooling primary school aged kids right now, then you know how smoothly that went in the beginning, right? No, not really. There were growing pains, and mistakes that had to be made. Some mistakes didn’t have to be made, but nonetheless, we jumped head first into them.

Now that things are flowing quite smoothly, here comes high school creeping up on you like a ninja. The thought of it may be bringing you fear and denial. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Homeschooling high school can actually be a fantastic experience where a child grows into an independent learner and an organized individual. Although, that doesn’t come easily nor does it come without some training and elbow grease, it surely can be done.

The key to homeschooling high school well is keeping good records of everything.

HSLDA’s Guide for Homeschooling through High School brochure includes a concise section on the records and documentation you may want to organize for your high schooler.

According to the HSLDA, keeping good records can help you homeschool high school for the following reasons:

  • Ensuring compliance with state homeschool laws
  • Preparing for post-graduation study at colleges or trade schools
  • Documenting student achievement for scholarship organizations
  • Providing a record of academic study for military recruiters
  • Providing evidence of training, certification, and/or community involvement to prospective employers and colleges

Record keeping for each course taken in high school is necessary, including textbooks used, credits, and short summaries of the course content. Taking the time to capture this information either in hard copy or in a computer file that can be printed later, will be a benefit when you have a senor year high school student and they are ready to prepare a transcript for graduation. Note: Always be sure to check your state’s high school requirements early on to make sure you are satisfying those specific requirements.

Whether your student will pursue employment, military, or college after high school, accurate records of the high school course work completed is needed. Having documentation of your student’s high school courses properly summarizes educational background for an employer, military recruitment offices, college applications, or scholarship applications.

Just in case you are wondering, the HSLDA recommends you keep the following records during high school:

  • Contact info
  • Documentation of any learning issues, challenges, or disabilities
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Awards and honors
  • Employment experience
  • Mentoring/job shadowing
  • Clubs
  • Volunteer work/community service
  • Hobbies/interests

Ultimately, without keeping records, there is no proof anything was done.

Your homeschooler is more independent during high school. Therefore record keeping will help you homeschool your high school student to evaluate where they are and where they need to be.

We love the FREE Homeschool High School Credit Planner from Five J’s.

Carrie used this free high school record keeping planner to track each course, credits, and grades. It made it easier for her when she created her high school transcript. 

Homeschool High School Credit Planner Spreadsheet

Avoiding record keeping just won’t work in high school, but don’t panic. Today is as good a day as ever to start taking control of homeschooling your high school student with keeping proper records to document their achievements along the way. 

Keeping good records will help your student stay goal oriented towards college admission and scholarships. Good record keeping also — just plainly — enables you to prepare your children for life.

Keeping good records can not only help you homeschool high school, but it is also the way you should be homeschooling high school.

How Keeping Good Records Can Help You Homeschool High School


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