Fun Ways to Build a Foundation for Learning

March 25, 2021

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As homeschoolers, we know that children learn by playing & doing. It’s important to build a foundation for learning with our young kids, but it’s also great to make it fun! Here are some topics that you should cover with your youngest learners.

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Numbers & Early Math

Before we crack open the math textbooks in the school years, there’s a lot we can do with our little ones to help them grasp numbers and early math concepts. As we know, they will be able to understand abstract concepts best when they use their hands to explore manipulatives and other math models.

You can start with counting, comparing, ordering numbers, and simple addition and subtraction. Make use of toys and other household items to make early math learning fun – and memorable! Hint: using pieces of cereal is an great way to play with numbers.

Here are some resources to get you started:

38 Sequencing Printables for Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Numbers, and More

Using Manipulatives In Your Homeschool + Freebie Math Mats

Sensory Art

Young kids love art and they love sensory experiences! Consider creating sensory bins for fun, educational play.

Making crafts with your young learners is not only fun – it’s important for their development!

Check out these ideas:

Easy & Fun DIY Sensory Bins for Early Learners

250+ Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers

Pretend Play

Maria Montessori reminded us that play is the work of childhood. And as homeschoolers, we have the flexible schedule and freedom to allow our young children to have all the time in the world to pretend play!

If you need additional inspiration, check out these links:

Face Paint Pretend Play

DIY Cardboard Kitchen

Pretend Cash Register

Cardboard Cookie Shop

Felt Sandwich Shop

Nature & Animals

One of the easiest topics to dive into with young children is that of nature and animal studies. Kids are just naturally curious about the world around them! So, consider adding more nature walks into your routine with your young kids.

Or, explore these additional learning activities:

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

5 Ways to Incorporate Nature Into Your Homeschool – FREE Nature Calendar

FREE Animals Life Cycles Cut & Paste

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Our young kids are continually growing their gross and fine motor skills through the toddler and preschool years. Find ways to help them with both.

Gross motor skills can be practiced by setting up an indoor Hopscotch game. Anything that helps them practice larger movements like running and jumping are perfect! 

Find motor skills are those smaller actions that require a high degree of control and precision in the small muscles of the hand. Setting up sensory play bins will help develop these fine motor skills. Of course, play dough is the perfect solution to exercising those hand muscles. So, don’t think of play dough time as simply wasted time – it really is an important foundation for learning for your toddler!

Check out these related posts for more information:

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Koala Crate

If you’d love an easy and convenient way to make sure your youngest learners are getting the foundational concepts – in a fun way – each month, then consider subscribing to the Koala Crate from KiwiCo!

This crate was created specifically for 2-4 year-olds and will delight and captivate them. 

Here’s what you get in your monthly Koala Crate:

  • 2-3 projects that spark learning through play
  • Parent Guide with instructions and additional ideas
  • Imagine! Magazine with extra stories, puzzles, and more
  • Online DIYs

Koala Crate example of goodies

Check out the sample crates at KiwiCo to get an inside peek.

  • Ocean Games
  • Doctor’s Visit
  • Rainbows
  • Camping

They’ll help deliver fun ways to build a foundation of learning!

Fun Ways to Build a Foundation for Learning text and image of kids cheering and holding their hands up together



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