FREEBIE for EVERYONE & 5-Subject Curriculum Set & Planner (Massive Giveaway)

July 14, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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Recently I shared with you our curriculum selections for the 2019-2020 school year. These are always my favorite types of posts and I love learning what others are using in their homeschools.

In case you were interested in my selections, we want to give you the opportunity at winning some of the curriculum that I use in my homeschool. This giveaway includes 5-subjects of homeschool curriculum PLUS the planner to keep it all organized.

Basically, you can get your hands on a FULL YEAR OF HOMESCHOOL for FREE! Everyone who enters will get a FREEBIE too. 

Maybe you don’t normally enter giveaways, that’s okay. But trust me – this is one worth taking a moment to enter!

homeschool freebies

I have partnered with Homeschool Planet to bring you the best possible homeschool giveaway we could put together – valued at $387.

Enter to win a FULL year of homeschool curriculum + the best planner ever AND the lesson plans to integrate into your planner!

The backbone of this giveaway is a one-year subscription to Homeschool Planet; they are the sponsors of this massive giveaway. 

One winner will get a full year subscription to Homeschool Planet, the actual curriculum (physical or digital when applicable), AND the lessons plans that integrate directly into Homeschool Planet to give you the best school year ever!

The winner will select the grade levels for each product/subject below:

Since the Bible and science curriculum that we are using is not currently available as a Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan, you can select a level/volume from the titles below to benefit from receiving a full 5-subject homeschool curriculum set (Bible, math, history, science, and language arts)!

  • Bible – Apologia: Choose one of four volumes from the What We Believe Series. This Bible curriculum series teaches children the fundamental beliefs and core tenets of the Christian faith. Along with selecting one volume, the winner will also get the corresponding Apologia Bible Curriculum Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan = $9.95 value
  • Science – Apologia: Select one of seven volumes of the Apologia Young Explorer’s Series! The winner will choose from Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry and Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, or Zoology 1-3. The winner selects the hardback book and corresponding Apologia lesson plan of their choosing = $40.45 value

The winner will also get a one-year subscription to Homeschool Planet, valued at $69.95.

The amazing features of this online life planner will be sure to cause your homeschool-mom-self to get excited. Even if you are not the winner of this “one year of homeschool” giveaway, you can try Homeschool Planet FREE for 30 days!

Try the World’s Best Homeschool Planner for FREE!

Everyone Gets a FREEBIE!

Everyone who enters this giveaway will receive a coupon code for one free lesson plan offered by Homeschool Planet. After you enter below, check your email for the details and exclusive coupon code to get access. 

To get the freebie, scroll down enter to win below. 

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homeschool freebies

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