FREE Writing Bundle from Apologia Author Sharon Watson – $20 value

August 18, 2015

Carrie Fernandez


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$20 freebie bundle from Apologia Author Sharon Watson for your middle & high school students!

You can download this set $20 value – right now for free!
Hurry though, this offer ends 8-21-15 @ 11:59PM EST! Please tell your friends about it too

The two resources included are: “What’s Your Secret? Middle School Writing Prompts” & “What Are You Waiting For? High School Writing Prompts” – each a full year or more of writing prompts.

Let me start off just saying that I LOVE Sharon Watson’s curriculum products! I had looked for a creative writing “curriculum” literally for months! I really just wanted a guide with creative writing prompts because my daughter loves to write. Then – she signed up to do a freebie for HSG subscribers for the very thing I was looking for. I have downloaded them and they are perfect – I am thrilled!

Entice your writers—even reluctant ones—with this bundle of fun, innovative writing prompts from Writing with Sharon Watson. Each eBook is a compilation of over a year’s worth of weekly writing prompts.

What’s Your Secret? Middle School Writing Prompts is an 80-page eBook filled with 66 prompts, all grouped by topics like “Animal Prompts” and “How-to Prompts.”

What Are You Waiting For? High School Writing Prompts is a 95-page eBook of 69 writing prompts under headings like “Poetry Prompts,” “Prompts to Sharpen Word Skills,” and “Prompts for Storywriting and Storywriting Skills.”

These prompts are much more than one-liners like “How did you spend your summer?” Each comes with an image, an introduction to the topic, occasional examples, and sometimes writing instruction.

There’s more! Have you seen Illuminating Literature yet? Sarah and I are super excited about this! Save 25% with the code below!

How about some coupon codes?

Both coupons expire 8-26-15 @ 11:59PM EST.

Click here or the images below to download your freebie!

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