FREE Unit Studies About Other Countries

September 10, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Unit studies are very popular among homeschooling families. They work especially great for history and geography. I like how you can pick a specific theme and elaborate on that topic for a more immersive experience. 

FREE Unit Studies about Other Countries text with image of a magnifying glass over a map

If you are studying World Geography or World History in your homeschool you may want to consider the unit study method. It can be less expensive than purchasing a full curriculum as you can use the library for books and videos to accompany any free printables you may find online.

Unit studies work great for children that are passionate about learning about a certain country or culture. We have grandparents that were missionaries in Africa, so we enjoy learning about Africa and the people that live there. When my husband did disaster relief after the earthquake in Haiti, we enjoyed learning about Haiti in a unit study method. 

I have gathered up some great unit studies about other countries. These aren’t in any particular order, but they are all countries outside of the United States of America. All of these are free and very fun and informative. We hope they spark some interest and fun for your children.

FREE Unit Studies on other countries:

Mexico Unit Study with lots of great printablesBen and Me

Singapore Unit StudyAdventures in Mommydom

Spain Unit Study with printables, videos and moreUnremarkable Files

Australia Unit StudySimple Living Creative Learning

United Kingdom for Kids Unit StudyThe Homeschool Resource Room

The GeoBear Project from 4 One More is a fun unit study that ties together a bunch of countries and the themes of geography for elementary students. 

Awaken a world travel adventure for your kids with the GeoBear Project! Complete instructions included.

Switzerland Homeschool StudyCaptivating Compass

Ancient Rome History Resources and Freebies for Your Digital Homeschool

FREE Countries of Europe Geography Notebooking Journal – This fun notebooking unit will teach your children about 48 countries of Europe. They will keep all they have learned in their own notebook as they record the borders, mountains, rivers and lakes, geography land regions, landmarks, major cities and more!

FREE Countries of Asia Notebooking Journal – This 49 page journal will take your students on a journey through Asia as they learn about the different countries, cities and capitals, geographic regions, famous landmarks and more.

We really enjoy these unit study resources from As We Walk Along the Road, they also come with a free country study packet:

Kenya Unit Study Ideas

England Unit Study

Brazil Unit Study Resources

Australia Unit Study Books and Resources 

Russia Unit Study

You might be interested in exploring prominent places across the world in our Seven Wonders series. These reading comprehension packs are free for subscribers.

We have created some great FREE instant downloads, all you need to do is click and download!

My Book About Russia

My Book About Kenya

My Book About Scotland

These instant downloads are great to accompany any world history or geography unit study:

World Countries by Rank Cheat Sheets

Countries and Capitals of the World Cheat Sheets

Musical Instruments Around the World Guided Drawing Activity

Foods Around the World Notebooking Journal

Food Around the World Free 75-Page Notebooking Unit

FREE Country Study Notebooking Pages

Create a country study notebooking journal using these free blank country study notebooking pages.

Free Download Country Study Notebooking Pages


FREE Unit Studies About Other Countries text with image of a magnifying glass on a map

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