FREE: The Ultimate Goal Setting Planner™ – $15 Value, Exclusive Offer

December 12, 2018

Carrie Fernandez


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We all know what happens in January…a fresh start. After a break from homeschooling, we can start “fresh” for the new year. You make goals, plans, and decide it’s time to whip your life into shape, and not just when it comes to your homeschool. Maybe you want to dig yourself out of debt, or perhaps start exercising. For me, my goal every year is to get up earlier and read my bible more often. I have had major insomnia lately and have been waking up by 4AM, so my goal for 2019 is to figure out how to get good sleep! LOL

Assuming I am not the only one who makes goals for the upcoming year, Carlie from Learning to Speak Life Books™ and I both thought you would be excited to receive their goal setting planner, The Ultimate Goal Setting Planner ™ for FREE! This is a $15 value and exclusive to Homeschool Giveaways readers.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Planner ™ is not just for the new year, it’s great for year-round use and contains 100+ undated pages so you can use it again and again. You will find the following planner pages in this free offer:

  • Monthly Goal Sheets
  • Monthly Overview Sheets (1-page and 2-page)
  • Weekly Planning Sheets
  • Daily Planning Sheets
  • Monthly Goal Evaluation Sheet
  • Monthly Divider Sheet

Are you already drooling over the organizational ideas swirling in your head? If you are a planner, like to have things in writing (that is so me!), or just have a goal of getting more organized, you will not want to miss this offer!

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