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May 13, 2014

Carrie Fernandez


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Grammar Chart Cards by 
My son is covering the parts of speech and labeling sentences in Grammar right now. When working on his grammar sheets, he has a tendency to jump around and label the words he knows, then go back and figure out the rest. Unfortunately for him, this causes him to mislabel a lot of words. He knows the parts of speech and knows how to do the grammar work, but he just. won’t. slow. down.

So my solution was to create a step-by-step guide for him to use when labeling the sentences. I printed these out, cut them up, laminated and put on a ring. He has to complete Step 1 before he can move onto Step 2 and so on. This gives him a visual guide to follow and since he knows he has to follow this guide, he slows down and checks for missed words before moving on to the next step. I made these into individual cards because my son seems to get overwhelmed when seeing too much information at once and will skim it over and then there goes the purpose for the guide :). So I cut them into cards and eliminated that problem. He sees only one step at a time and doesn’t get overwhelmed!

If you don’t want to cut them into cards, they can be printed as a full sheet instead. They can also be printed 2-to-a-page and made into postcard size or even 4-to-a-page for a travel, wallet size.

Grammar Memory Work Cards
Grammar Memory Work Cards by
I have also included a copy of our Grammar Memory Work Cards. My boys have memorized the parts of speech and we still work on them daily. It is good for them to be able to recall a preposition from memory when working through grammar sheets. It also seems to help them in their writing.

** Download Grammar Chart Cards **

** Download Grammar Memory Cards **

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