Free Spring Reading Rewards Pack

April 17, 2020

Sarita Harbour

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Are you looking for ways to encourage your school-aged kids to read more? If so, consider setting some goals and tracking reading activity with this free spring reading rewards pack. I created it to help my first-grader and fourth-grader keep track of their daily reading activity. You’ll find a link for the seven-page free printable pack down at the bottom of this post.

Text overlay Spring Reading Rewards Pack and animation image of kids reading plus three sample printables

Replace Screen Time With Print Books

Maybe you’re a long-time homeschooler. Or maybe your family is brand new to learning at home. In either case, you probably know how easy it is for kids to quickly become dependent on digital screens.

Replacing some of your kids’ screen time with reading print books can quickly become an enjoyable family activity.

Establish Quiet Reading Time as a Daily Habit

As a family living off the grid, we spend a lot of time outdoors gardening, foraging, wildcrafting, forest schooling and taking part in various outdoor education activities. Now that our two youngest kids are both school-aged, a daily 30-minute quiet reading time has replaced their naptime (Mama still naps though!)

Encourages Independent Study

Looking back through our previous years’ free spring reading rewards pack I see my older daughter’s recorded titles show a theme. When we read the Little House on the Prairie series and studied the Oregon Trail she became interested in homesteading.

She read non-fiction books about raising farm animals, pickling, and indoor herb gardening too. This year we’re finally getting backyard chickens so that’s what she’s reading about!

Teach Goal Setting With This Free Spring Reading Rewards Pack  

A reading rewards log encourages children to track their daily reading. When they set goals to read daily – even just for ten to fifteen minutes, they get into the habit of choosing a goal then working towards it.

Meeting goals gives children (and adults) a positive feeling of accomplishment. And once the goal is met, you might choose to reward kids with a new book, or time on a favorite family activity

Encourage your kids to use these printables to track their reading. Depending on your child’s age and writing ability, they might prefer to use page 1, 2, or 3 and just check off each day they read.

Older kids can practice writing with detailed reading logs on pages 4 and 5. And kids of all ages will love the colorful bookmarks to cut out and fill in on pages 6 and 7. 

Ready to start using your free Spring Reading Rewards pack? Head on over to An Off Grid Life and grab yours today!


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