Free Resources for Learning About the Great Chicago Fire

October 12, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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When studying about fire safety, fire, and firefighting in your homeschool, it is also a great time to teach your kids about the Great Chicago Fire. These free resources for learning about the Great Chicago Fire can help.

Free Resources for Learning About the Great Chicago Fire

No one is exactly sure why this devastating fire started. This enormous fire in U.S. history started on October 8, 1871, in Chicago, Illinois, and burned for two days until October 10, 1871. It finally ended because of the rain that came to this day.

Once firefighters got to the fire, it was little they could do.

It began as nine completely separate fires that ended up destroying 3.3 square miles and $192 million in property damages. About 100,000 people were left homeless and three hundred people died.

It is rumored and is a legend that the fire started from… a cow. It is said that a cow knocked over a lantern in Catherine O’Leary’s barn on De Koven Street.

That isn’t the only story about how the fire started. Some say it started with some gamblers in the barn, maybe someone stealing milk from the barn, or even a meteor shower.

This is a hard fact that brings a lot of concern because there was a large fire the night before, firefighters were too tired to quickly put out the fires. They even were said to have been sent to the wrong home originally.

How grievingly sad is that?

There are some other interesting facts your kids will learn about the Great Chicago Fire, like the location being home to the Chicago Fire Academy now.

Thankfully, since this horrific fire, there have been significant innovations and improvements to prevent and deal with fires.

In this time period, the homes were mostly made of wood. Today, fireproof homes have since been created and are in line with the national fire code.

Explore these free resources for learning about the Great Chicago Fire:

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Grab these general fire and firefighting resources and activities to go alongside your lessons:

FREE Fire Firefighting Vocabulary Copywork

FREE Fire & Firefighting Vocabulary Copywork

Fire Prevention and Safety Resources

Fire Prevention and Safety Resources text with image of a red fire extinguisher

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It is important for families to emphasize the need of being knowledgeable in fire safety around the home. Kids should feel comfortable with what to do should fire dangers arise. They also should learn to not live in fear but to be aware and stay prepared.

With the many fires that have devastated many places like Australia and California in 2020, kids may be hearing about fires, and its important for us to teach kids well about them. Studying with these Free Resources for Learning About the Great Chicago Fire is a great place to start.

Free Resources for Learning About the Great Chicago Fire

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