Free Printable Reading Logs & Bookmarks for Kids (PDF)

March 22, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Do you have a child that struggles with reading and could use some encouragement? Kids can get excited about reading when they track their hard work and progress by using a reading log printable or chart. We’ve include a list of various logs as well as a free tracker available as an instant download below.

Printable Reading Logs and Charts for Kids

Reading Log Printables and Charts for Kids

Some of my children struggled with reading. It was such a chore and something they dreaded each day. This is so difficult for a homeschooling mama to deal with, especially one who is an avid reader with a bookshelf in every room!

Help your young readers get into good reading habits by tracking what they are reading on their free time or in school. This is the perfect way to get through a book list you want them to read and to create a good reading habit.

What is a reading log?

A reading log is a printable document that can help your child keep track and log what they are reading. Many schools will send reading logs home to keep track of your reading during the summer months. 

For a homeschooling family, a reading log is a valuable tool to encourage daily reading time, track reading progress and time spent reading. It is a great way to keep a record of the books that your children have read throughout the school year.

I always add our reading logs with our list of books to our end of the year homeschool portfolio.

How to Use Reading Logs

Each day that your child reads, have them track it on a daily reading log. When they begin to see how much they are reading they can set a reading goal and reading challenges for themselves. Then it becomes sort of a self competition. 

Most children enjoy filling in their own personal chart because they can visually see the progress they are making. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and encourages them.

For a child that is struggling, we pick a reward and once they have filled in their log completely they will receive that reward. This is a fun way to encourage weekly reading.

You will be surprised at how quickly they begin to enjoy books when they have a goal they are working hard to achieve. They may even begin to find some of their favorite books and find their love of reading.

Printable Reading Logs and Charts

Here is a great list of free printable reading logs and charts your kids can choose from. They are such a useful tool and easy way to keep track of the books they are reading and how much time they spend reading.

Free Reading Logs

Reading Log to Color In – This free printable reading log has books that you color in as you complete a book you color one in on the page. 

Star Wars Themed Reading Log – This free reading log will delight any Star Wars fan.

Barking for Books Paw Print Reading Log – If you have an animal lover they are going to enjoy this reading log where they mark off each paw print and keep track of the number of minutes they have read.

Monthly Reading Logs – This printable pack has a monthly reading log for each month in the year. They are neatly labeled for your kids to store in a binder or portfolio.

Lego Minifigure Reading Log to Color – Every time your child reads a book they get to color in a mini figure on their sheet. Each mini figure represents a book. 

20 Hour Cat in the Hat Reading Log – Challenge your kids to read for 20 hours with this log. It also comes with printable certificates.

Fairy Themed Reading Log – This another cute reading log with fairies and a fairy house cover page.

Ponies Themed Reading Logs – Very pretty pony log for your kids to keep track of the book title, author and when it was read. 

Frozen Library Reading Logs – These are library book log printables to keep track of the library books you are reading in a fun, Frozen theme. 

Princess Themed Reading Logs – There are some popular princesses on these themed pages.

Free Reading Charts

Super Heroes Reading Charts & Bookmarks – Kids that love super heroes will be excited for these printable pages of super hero themed bookmarks and reading log printables.

Dinosaur Reading Charts – Cute dinosaur themed reading charts and logs for your children to keep track of their reading.

Farm Themed Reading Charts – Fun farm themed printable reading charts.

Ocean Themed Reading Charts – An ocean theme is perfect for summer reading.

Once your children have found a book they love, you may want them to write a book report. Check out our 33 Free Book Report Forms and Templates for Kids.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a free instant download reading tracker pack!

Free Printable Bookmarks

Bookmarks are like pencils in my house, we can never have enough of them and they are always getting lost. I like to keep them in a drawer and hand out new ones from time to time. My girls enjoy picking out their own bookmarks and choosing themes and styles that are special to them. 

Animal Themed Bookmarks

Owl Bookmark – Cute owl bookmarks in different colors to choose from.

Woodland Friends Bookmark – I think these are some of the cutest customizable bookmarks I have found. There are many different woodland animals to choose from, and the template is editable for your child’s name.

Cat Bookmarks – These bookmarks have sweet illustrations of a cat with cat ears that will poke up out of the top of your book.

Fox Bookmark -Pretty forest fox bookmark printable perfect for fall or winter months. 

Print and Fold Origami Animal Bookmarks – Learn how to make DIY origami animals that double as a bookmark.

Bookmarks to Color and Decorate

Print and Color Bookmarks – Fun doodle style bookmarks to color with markers or gel pens.

Farm Animal Bookmarks – Adorable farm animal bookmarks to color.

Space Bookmarks to Color and Reading Log – Space themed color your own, with matching reading logs. 

Bugs and Butterflies Bookmarks – My butterfly loving daughter really enjoys these bookmarks.

Color Your Own Printable Book Marks – Cute Luau themed bookmarks with reading quotes to color.

Character Themed Bookmarks

Dr. Seuss Inspired Bookmarks  – Adorable Dr. Seuss bookmarks with reading logs to match.

Despicable Me Minion Bookmark – Fun Minion themed bookmarks.

Lego Movie Bookmark – If your kids love Emmett and Wyld Style from the LEGO movie they will enjoy these fun bookmarks.

Star Wars Inspired Bookmarks – These will be a hit with Star Wars fans. They have characters and quotes from the movies on them. 

Clifford the Big Red Dog Bookmarks – Everyone’s favorite big red dog is highlighted on these cute bookmarks.

FREE Reading Tracker Pack

You will find a fun reading log book tracker, bookmarks to color, and a reward chart all as an instant download in this Free Reading Tracker Pack.

What’s included in the packet?

  • Reading Log Book Tracker – This tracker has a place to record the date the book was read, the name of the book and how many minutes that were read each day. There is even a check box for you child to check if they liked the book or not.
  • Bookmarks – Your children can decorate and color their very own bookmarks. One of the book marks is a mini reading log in a smaller size.
  • My Reading Tracker – This page is especially helpful for younger children. Have them draw a happy face, or place a sticker in each circle for each day that they read. When the chart is filled up, give them a reward!

free reading tracker log

Instant Download: Free Reading Tracker Pack

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