[FREE Printable] Herbs & Essential Oils to Help Your Homeschool Stay Healthy During the Cold & Flu Season

December 5, 2019

Shannan Swindler

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Do You Know How to Keep Your Homeschool Healthy During the Cold & Flu Season?

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Are you always taken aback by the first sniffles of the colder season? Maybe you are not sure how to keep your homeschool healthy during the cold & fule season.

Be sure to grab the FREE Herbs & Essential Oils Download at the end of this post.

Summer erases memories of multiple family members being sick at the same time. It seems normal to go weeks without anyone getting sick. Getting sick in the warm weather is rare, but it happens. 

Then co-op, after school activities, and get-togethers start up again, and Bam! Within days, the kids get the first runny nose of the year (so gross), bringing every homeschool mama back to reality. The medicine cabinet needs to be restocked with natural remedies, and it’s time to start taking elderberry syrup again!

So this year, be prepared to prevent colds and the flu (and be ready to treat the winter “ickies” if they make it past your natural remedies arsenal) with the FREE Printable: Herbs & Essential Oils for Homeschool!

Your Herbs & Essential Oils FREE Download is at the end of the post. 

It’s an easy-to-follow list of what herbs and essential oils to keep on hand to help prevent the cold and flu. The post includes a variety of herbal remedy resources that will also help you recover quickly if the flu bug bites you. You’ll also find some favorite tools and recipes to help you safely use herbs and essential oils in your homeschool. 

Learn How To Get Healthy & Stay Healthy!

The FREE printable will help you take back control of your health and help your homeschool stay healthy all year long. You don’t have to feel helpless the next time illness hits, when you’ve got the Herbs & Essential Oils printable at your fingertips.

It makes a great shopping list by telling you all about different herbs and oils that will help you fight the cold and flu this season. Using the information in the post and the printable, you will learn how to keep your family healthy during the cold and flu season.

The download lists thirteen of the most common and widely available herbs and essential oils to have on hand to help ensure your homeschool stays healthy during the cold and flu season.

This shopping list pdf will tell you the most common uses of each herb or essential oil listed. It’s perfect for pulling up on your phone while you are out running errands and picking up that extra box of tissue with aloe to help soothe sore noses.

Beginners Guide To A Healthy Homeschool

If you are new to using herbs and essential oils in your homeschool, or if you just want a few new resources for the current stage and age of your family, everything is organized in the post to help answer all your questions. So, grab your FREE Herbs & Essential Oils shopping list and let’s all stay healthy this cold & flu season!

FREE Printable – Keep Your Homeschool Healthy

One of the best things you can do to stay healthy in your homeschool this year is to arm yourself with knowledge and resources. Get your FREE Printable Here!

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