Get Free Homeschool Consulting with the Sonlight Advisors

September 8, 2021

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Get Free Homeschool Consulting with the Sonlight Advisors

No matter how long you’ve been homeschooling, in some ways you’re a newbie every year because your children are constantly changing.

  • Their academic needs mature.
  • Their interests and preferences transform.
  • Their emotional well-being requires different types of parenting at different stages. 

Add to that mix other transitions like adding another child to the family, moving to a new home, or a job change that impacts the family routines, and you can see that the role of a homeschool mom/dad is one of constantly adapting to a changing landscape.

And even if you’re the most confident person in the world, at times it helps to have someone else affirm your plans with a “Yeah! That sounds like it will work!”

Where can you get this kind of advice and support? Sure, you can post in a Facebook group and get an assortment of personal anecdotes and tips. But often that barrage of well-intentioned advice only serves to further muddy the water instead of help you narrow your choices to a single course of action.

You need professional advice from an unbiased source with a wealth of experience. Sonlight is a literature-based Christian curriculum publisher that offers this high quality homeschool advice — for free.

What Moms Say About the Free Homeschool Advice They Received

Thousands of parents have used the free advising program to uncover the answers they needed. Here are just a few quotes from moms who have benefited from the guidance:


“When I reached out to an advisor I was new to homeschooling, overwhelmed, and not really sure what I needed for my child. She patiently listened and explained things to me and made me feel so much better. I was surprised that she didn’t try to upsell me (like most companies do) and actually recommended getting less for now and seeing how that goes before adding in more, so I don’t try to much and get burnt out.” — Jeni C.


“The advisors helped me order everything I needed for my 7-year-old and got me the best price with bundling. Explained the return policy and also helped me do the assessments so my son was at right level in each subject. But above all she was so kind and patient. I am so thankful for the advisor program. My son has already started and he loves the program. This is our first year using Sonlight.” —Becky J. in NJ


“New to homeschooling, I called feeling scared and alone. After chatting with a Sonlight advisor, I was truly excited and had a great game plan for our first year. Four years later, we are still homeschooling and still using Sonlight.” —Cat from SC

What Kinds of Help Can Advisors Provide?

Sonlight Advisors have heard it all! Truly! They will provide honest and sympathetic advice to give you the confidence you need to continue your homeschool journey.

  • Troubleshooting common homeschool problems.
  • Switching curriculum when something isn’t working.
  • Finding out if something is normal or cause for concern.
  • Setting realistic expectations for academic performance.
  • Teaching multiple children together.
  • Adapting your homeschool for special needs, including gifted learners.
  • An encouraging prayer when you’re discouraged.

Connect with an Advisor

Sonlight Advisors who are available from 7am – 5pm MT Mon-Fri to assist you and can be reached in a variety of ways:

Give them a call today and let them know you heard about them on HomeschoolGiveaways. :)

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More #SonlightStories from Homeschool Parents who Called the Advisors


“I was scared and overwhelmed when I first started out. The advisor helped me make sure I had the right items and only what I needed. They also reassured me and my ability to homeschool. The next year, I felt much more confident. It was still great to have someone double check my order for mistakes and to make sure I had doubles of the worksheets and such for multiple children. I will use their services again next year!” —Denise B. from Denver


“I was new to homeschooling last year and honestly felt lost and very overwhelmed. The advisor really took me under her wing told me what curriculum to get and what other added books I need to benefit my daughter. We had a great year! This year I felt more confident and it was all thanks to the advisor taking the time to walk me through everything. Super grateful!” —Raquel R. NJ


“Whatever the trouble, I’ve found the advisors to be kind and helpful, accommodating even the most unusual queries, and I’ve never left a conversation disappointed. I am always confident of a good outcome when I do need to contact them.” —Hilary M. in South Africa

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