OVER – FREE for Subscribers: 12 Awesome Classics – Limited Time Only!

August 10, 2013

Carrie Fernandez


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Instead of a giveaway, we are doing another subscriber freebie! Get 12 incredible classics that have been professionally formatted for you!

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Quality Christian Ebooks is a Christian homeschooling family owned business that specializes in high quality, well formatted, illustrated classic ebooks. You will find many out of print classics that have family values and educational content. Reading classics should be an enjoyable experience for younger readers. Therefore, they publish ebooks with interesting story-lines and charming illustrations.

Many of their classic ebooks include original illustrations and covers and are offered for only 99 cents. Also, all of their classic ebooks have chapter links for easy readability on your ereader, phone or computer. Wondering why you would pay for them if you can find some of them for free?
Click here to find out the difference and learn why $.99 is a BARGAIN!

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