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November 1, 2019

Shannan Swindler

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Create A Successful Family Road Trip For Your Autistic Family.

No matter your schooling style, when your family has special needs, it’s important to consider a few extra items to ensure successful autistic family travel plans. The Travel Planning Bundle (free for a limited time) has what you need to create simple social stories, itineraries, and teach your kids how to pack their own suitcase.

Plan for homeschool field trips or holiday weekends away with these travel tips and FREE Travel Planner Bundle will bring success to your family trip.

Find the Travel Planning Bundle Download link at the end of this post.

Social stories and detailed itineraries are super important when it comes to creating road trip success. So whether you are planning a field trip or headed to relatives to celebrate the holidays, this travel bundle for success has great tips for your traveling family.

The Travel Bundle Download is a collaborative project created by an autistic family that travels regularly, along with a homeschool and family travel blogger. These two long-time friends and travel companions have pulled together the specific resources you need for your autistic family.

The Autistic ABCs  & Family Travel

Melodie, a mom of two autistic teens, and author of Autistic ABC’s: A family’s reflection on the journey toward hope (Amazon Kindle Link) shares her story and travel tips for traveling with autism. She has figured out a plan of success and wants to share it with you! Her tips and resources are included in the Travel Bundle below.

Also included is a handy Packing with Kids tutorial. Help your family learn life skills that will empower them with a simple plan for packing for any type of travel. 

The checklists, social stories, itinerary samples, and worksheets, along with the packing tutorial, are available for FREE for a limited time.

What are Social Stories?

Social stories are tools many families with special needs use to help their children:

  • organize their day,
  • create a routine and,
  • manage emotions.

Social stories are vital in creating a safe response to situations that cause anxiety or stress. These tools help autistic kids know what the plan is and how they are involved.

When used with an itinerary made especially for your autistic child,  social stories create a solid, yet flexible plan to provides structure, safety, and fun for your family trip.

How do detailed itineraries help autistic children cope with the challenges of travel?

Having a detailed itinerary to check off along the way is really helpful. It helps autistic children know and understand where they are on the journey from point A to point B. In this blog post, you will find a sample itinerary that Melodie has used with the boys for many trips to grandma’s house.

The travel planning bundle below also contains fill-in-the-blank itineraries and social stories for quick and simple travel planning.

Encouragement for Autistic Homeschooling Families. 

Raising kids is such a blessing, but it can still be hard. We all need encouragement as we journey together helping each of our kids learn. Life is full of challenges. Melodie’s book, Autistic ABCs, is for those who wrestle with the questions that accompany a difficult diagnosis. The book traces the Steele family’s journey from confusion and grief to peace, joy, and hope.

All the details for successful autistic family travel and your limited time FREE Travel Planning Bundle are in this post.

Successful Autistic Family Travel Bundle text with image of a road and a mountain in the background


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