Free CVC Printable Packs

May 19, 2021

Stacey Jones

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After learning the letter names and sounds, children are ready to progress onto learning blends. These CVC printable packs are a great way to introduce young learners to CVC words with short vowel sounds.

CVC printables

CVC Printables

Teaching kids CVC words is an integral part of any beginner reading program. This skill is an important part of their education and will help them be successful readers in the future.

There are many ways to teach CVC or consonant – vowel – consonant words. These worksheets combine a few activities which your children will enjoy while learning.

A fun way to learn CVC words is with this free Western themed CVC Words Activity.

Children who love crabs, will enjoy learning CVC words with this fun CVC Crab themed printable.

Or maybe they just enjoy visiting the beach. These Beach Themed CVC printables are a great way to encourage learning with a fun theme.

Many children are fascinated with building and big machinery. These Construction themed CVC printables are a fantastic way for these learners to enjoy learning CVC words.

Working on fine motor skills while learning CVC words is fun with these CVC Pencil Puzzles.

To practice handwriting skills and spelling CVC words, young learners will enjoy learning with these CVC Tracing Strips.

Children will enjoy learning more than 40 common CVC words with these preschool CVC Words Matching Cards.


CVC Printable Packs

Here are 5 different packs, one for each short vowel sound. In each pack are the same activities, just focusing on the different vowel sounds. All these CVC Printable packs are free and so much fun.

In these packs, you will find:

  • 3-part cards
  • 2- and 3-piece puzzles
  • Write the word page that includes tracing, writing, building the word with cubes, playdough, and pattern blocks.
  • Spin and write the word activity
  • Read the word bookmarks, ticking the words off as you read them
  • Bookmarks that can be used for reading and referring to when needed. These bookmarks contain all the words in the pack.

Grab your free copies of these packs below:




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