FREE Bullet Journal Templates for Home Educators

August 16, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I am not a betting woman. Yet, I could guess that as you were growing up, many of us didn’t know we would be homeschooling our children. Now that we are here we sometimes can use some reflection on years past to improve, to rejoice, and for encouragement.

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Teaching our own children consistently can truly grow us like no other thing. First, we think it’s impossible, then we think we will master it, then we think its time to quit, then we recycle all these thoughts all over again.

The challenges of the journey we go through can be captured and reflected on with these customized bullet journal templates for home educators. They’re designed with the heart of a teacher in mind. The templates address the issues and difficulties that teachers like you and I face every day with our homeschool journey.

Some of the topics that this free bullet journal for teachers touch on are:

  • time management
  • teaching strategies
  • classroom values
  • daily and weekly reflections
  • and more

These 17 free bullet journal templates for teachers will take you right through to the end of the year. Reflect, enjoy, improve, and hang in there.

Do you need some help hanging in there? Check out this help for an evening routine to help your day end on a smooth note.

A 14-Day Course to Make Over Your Evenings text with image of a coffee mug next to an alarm clock

Grab your FREE bullet journal templates for teachers to reflect on homeschool from the Kitchen Table Classroom.

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