Ever Ask Yourself Why You Are Homeschooling?

August 14, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I doing this homeschool thing?” Sometimes you need a little reminder of why. We need reminders because it doesn’t always seem like it was the right choice, even though we know it is. Obstacles can have you questioning our choice and doubting the whole thing.

Homeschooling: Why Am I Doing This? Here\'s How You Know Why

It is so hard to admit this, but many of us imagine how things would be if we brought the kids back to the nearest public – or even private school. Trust me you are not alone.

We think about not doing enough for our children’s education. Are we doing too much? Are they even getting it or getting what they need to learn? Will they turn into functioning adults?

You name it, we probably have either thought about it or worried about it at some point. Have you ever had one of those days? When you just sit there and wonder about the grass being greener on the other side of homeschool?

If so, know that you are totally normal. Even the best mom out there stays behind a locked bathroom door a little bit too long, in order to get a break while the kids are knocking on the door or peaking their little fingers under the door.

Remind yourself why began homeschooling in the first place.

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