Study Egyptian Mummies: 8 Free Resources

May 1, 2020

Shannan Swindler

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8 Free Resources & 7 Virtual Museums To Study Egyptian Mummies At Home.

Ancient Egypt is a topic most kids really enjoy. There is something about ancient history and the mystery of the tombs and pyramids that is so intriguing to kids. So as you are e-learning, distance-learning or homeschooling, these resources about ancient Egypt and Egyptian mummies will keep your family engaged and enjoying learning.

Since virtual museums are open 24/7,  they are super easy to access. You can learn what you want when you want. Spend a few minutes or deep dive for hours of fun. Here are 7 virtual museums & 8 FREE resources to help you learn about Egyptian mummies and life in ancient Egypt.

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7 Museums with Virtual Collections of Egyptian Mummies & Artifacts.

Each of these museums has on online collection all about Egyptian mummies. Some even have activities to make the virtual tour, which includes looking at death makes, tombs and paintings, even more exciting. Hands-on learning and museum field trips – all right a home! Have fun exploring!

The British Museum – such a great collection of mummies & artifacts, you may not even get to all the other resources.

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology – This university museum’s website has brilliant images and resources for digging deep into Egyptian archaeology.

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England has an impressive online collection in general. Their search feature of 100K objects allows for searching by time period – Very cool! 

The Manchester Museum, in England, has quite an Egyptian mystery on their hands concerning a ‘spinning statue’.

The National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh. This collection is unique because it is one of the few collections to also contain poems and toys.

The Egyptian Centre in Swansea, Wales houses an impressive collection as well. Animal lovers will be intrigued by the cat statues and even a cat mummy.

The Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland features the Egyptian mummy of Lady Takabuti,  an Egyptian aristocrat. 

A Virtual Field Trip About Ancient Egypt & Mummies

Now if you really want to turn all this learning into a virtual field trip you’ll want to add so specific activities that highlight the objects in the museum. Head over for all the details about the best museum and unit study for studying Egyptian mummies using virtual museum tours. This unit study is the perfect guide for providing additional activities, promoting discussion and just having fun learning as a family. Upper elementary through high school kids will really enjoy this unit study.

In The Egyptian Mummies Unit Study you’ll learn about:

  • Egyptian Life & Death
  • Life in Ancient Egypt
  • Egyptian Death & Afterlife: Mummies
  • Egyptian Mummy Bonus!

The Best Virtual Museum Resources Study Ancient Egypt at Home

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