50 Free Women’s History Month Printables

March 4, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I just love being a woman, which makes Women’s History Month that much better. These women’s history month printables will help you to celebrate Women’s History Month in March and for International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Free Women\'s History Month Printables

Women’s History Month Printables

Teach your daughters and sons about the influential women of American history with these free printables about Women’s History Month. Study about voting rights, women’s rights, the women’s rights movement and the 19th amendment which guarantees American women the right to vote.

Biblical Womanhood

I am delighted to be a woman, but not in the feminist sort of way – it is in the way that the Lord has made me. Biblical womanhood begins and ends with God’s Holy Word.

Firstly, we are made equal to men. Some don’t believe the Bible makes men and women equal, but those people probably have never read Galatians 3:28.

Galatians 3:28 says, “there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Each one of us has equal value and equal responsibility to obey God’s Word and to live our lives for Him. That sounds pretty equal to me.

Women can be doctors or welders. They can raise children and be keepers of the home. We can do it all yet still, fulfill God’s intended role for us. How beautiful is that?!

Let’s face it, ladies, we are just built to do A LOT, and to deal with A LOT. To some, that may not seem fair, but we are built for it. We are built to be survivors, warriors, and nurturers.

Contrary to popular belief, the Proverbs 31 Virtuous Woman didn’t just stay home. I don’t bring this account to give you anxiety; it isn’t to compare us to her. It is so we can see that we are made to fulfill our role beautifully in Jesus’ name.

Interesting Facts About Proverbs 31

1. It is written to a man (King Lemuel), not a woman.

A mother wrote it as advice to her son. I would like to think that it was written to show a man how much a woman does and how he should appreciate that as such. Read Proverbs 31 as a whole; don’t just start on verse 9 as most of us do.

2. Proverbs 31 wasn’t written for how we should “measure up” as Christian women.

The passage was written from a mom to her son on what type of woman he should look for. She was like – don’t chase bad women, don’t make bad choices, and things like that. Therefore, don’t measure yourself up with this, but realize we are this.

3. I learned that in the Jewish culture, Proverbs 31 is actually a song of praise.

In the Jewish culture, it’s not women who normally memorize Proverbs 31, but men memorize it. The Jewish men sing it as a song of praise to the women who are in their lives (i.e. wife, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, etc.). Jewish women also use the Proverbs 31 passage, but not to condemn themselves for falling short but to praise EACH OTHER.

4. The Proverbs 31 woman is NOT a weakling or a pushover. She is confident, strong, and very capable.

“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” –Proverbs 31:17

Take this month of March in your homeschool to reflect on womanhood, but don’t forget to embrace Biblical womanhood. Remember who we are through His eyes. This is a great time to discuss this with your daughters.

Women’s History Month Printables

There are so many printables and stories of women to learn about, that you could take the entire month of March to study them. Check out some of our favorite free resources.

The Women Cards: Women’s History Month Coloring Pages – Printable cards for many important women in history that your kids can write their names and facts on the back and then color the cards.

Teaching History through the Women in History – This is a large list of great books, digital activities and printables to study.

Free Women’s History Cheat Sheets – This instant download takes a look at women’s firsts in history. These are things that had never been recorded to have been done by women before from the 1700’s up through the 21st century.

Women's History Cheat Sheets

List of “Who Was? In Women’s History – Learn about some famous women in history by using the Who Was? series along with these printables.

The Important Thing Poem and Research Projects – Guide your students through some mini research projects on women of history with these ideas and free printable poem.

Writing Prompts for Women’s History Month – There are 50 Ideas to get your children thinking about women’s rights and the contributions of women in history.

Celebrating Women Posters

Posters Celebrating Mighty Women in Science – Learn about the accomplishments of women in science with these fun information posters.

Posters Celebrating Mighty Women Role Models – Cute posters with quotes from some mighty women of history.

Famous Women Poster – This printable poster is also a coloring page that features remarkable women and their inspiring quotes.

Printable Notebooking Pages

American First Ladies Notebooking – Printable notebooking pages for each of the American First Ladies.

Temple Grandin Unit Study +7 Free Notebooking Pages – Learn about Temple Grandin with these notebooking pages to accompany the book.

Women in Black History Printables

Ruby Bridges Free Printables for Black History Month – Fun facts about Ruby Bridges printable page and notebooking page.

I Am Rosa Parks Mini Printable Unit Study – Adorable printables with a word search, handwriting pages, and a sweet bus craft.

Uncovering Hidden Figures Freebie – Learn about the notable women who were part of a historical astronaut launch with this freebie.

19 Harriet Tubman Movie Lesson Plans, Activities, and Projects –  You will love all these resources to learn more about her life.

Sojourner Truth Biography Report Organizers ~ These biography organizers on Sojourner Truth is a great freebie for Black History month.

Harriet Beecher Stowe Printable – A free biography with differentiated comprehension activities.

Women’s History Activities

“She Persisted” With Mini Biography Activity Idea – Writing activities and free printables to go along with the book .

All About Sally Ride FREE Worksheets & Activities for Kids – Learn about the first woman to travel to space with these worksheets and activities.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Activity Printables – Women in History printable activity packet.

Unit Studies

Marie Curie Unit Study for Grades K-3 Printable Pack – Get your girls excited about science with this unit study about famous scientist Marie Curie.

Amelia Earhart Mini-Unit – 29 pages of learning fun for studying about the famous female pilot. There is a crossword puzzle, word finds, and lots of printables.

Helen Keller Free Lesson Plans – My girls really enjoyed learning about Helen Keller with these lesson plans and cute picture books.

Amazing Women of the Bible

Don’t forget the amazing women of the Bible. It is a great place to start your women’s history studies. Learning about the women of the Bible is a great way to incorporate some Biblical and world history into your studies.

Women of the Bible Matching Game – This fun game will test your knowledge about the women of the Bible.

The Woman At The Well – Learn about this Samaritan woman with worksheets and activities.

Women of the Bible Notebooking Pages – This notebooking unit takes a look at the lives of 50 women from the Bible. Learn about familiar stories and not so familiar ones, with lots of thought provoking questions.

Women of the Bible Notebooking Unit Free Download

Women of the Bible Coloring Pages

Wonder Women of the Bible – These are beautiful coloring pages for these women in the Bible: Esther, Ruth, Hannah, Mary, Deborah, Rahab, Abigail, and Lydia.

Women of the Bible Coloring Page-Ruth – This Ruth coloring page is so cute and will look great in a Bible folder.

Esther Coloring Page – I love this adorable coloring page of Queen Esther.

Printable Packs

Queen Esther Printable Pack – Teach your kids about one of the bravest women in the Bible with this printable pack.

Ruth & Naomi Printable Pack – Learn more about the amazing story of Ruth and Naomi with this fun printable pack.

Bible Lessons

Mary And Martha: Preschool Bible Lesson – Teach your preschoolers about Marty and Martha with this cute printable pack.

15 Great Women of the Bible  – Great list of women that every Christian woman should study.

Ruth Bible Lesson – This lesson is perfect for the preschool, pre-k age group.

Rebekah – Free printable Bible lesson for preschool children

Low Cost Printables for Women’s History Month:

These printables do cost a few dollars, however, we feel like the value is worth it. The prep work is done for you, and they are very well put together.

Women in History Bulletin Board Biography Flip Books Research Packet K 1 2 – Who, what, where, when and why? Women’s history flip books and bulletin board printables.

Women’s History Month Copywork – Print and Cursive – 28 fascinating facts for copywork in print and cursive.

Women in History Research Unit – Research unit with Google Slides and printables cor women’s history activities, biographies, and reports.

Activities Women of Science Graphic Organizers – 30 pages of Venn Diagram for famous women of science.

Women’s History: Person of the Day Cards – 60 daily cards to teach about one woman in history each day. From Sappho to Queen Victoria to Eleanor Roosevelt to Anne Frank to Malala Yousafzai to 55 others in between.

Famous Canadian: Viola Desmond – Inspiring Canadians resource for studying famous Canadian.

Women’s History Month {Fact Folds} – Fact filled folding information for 6 famous women.

Famous Women in History: Guess Who Game for Kids – This is an absolutely beautiful version of Guess Who for famous women.

Women’s History Month Fun Facts Cards – Fun and colorful women’s history fact cards for games, bulletin boards, timelines and more.

Malala Yousafzai Biography Pack (Women’s History) – This mini-unit includes a biographical summary of Malala’s life with printable activities.

Final Thoughts

There are so many famous women of history to learn about. We hope you enjoyed this list of some of our favorites that contributed to wonderful biblical and historical events.

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