5 Ways Kids Can Have Fun with Photography

June 10, 2021

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If your kids are looking for some creative projects to keep them busy this summer, show them these 5 ways they can have fun with photography. Most of these hands-on projects use materials you have around the house. And some of them make great gifts too! 

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Photography Fun with a Photo Booth

Now, you may think of photo booths as only appearing at New Year’s Eve parties or other big celebrations. But why not create a fun photo booth with summer-themed props and designs? Not only will your kids have a blast, but the neighbor kids or visiting cousins can have a turn too.

Better yet – include a photo booth in any summer birthday parties you may be planning. Here’s what you need.

Photo Booths really just require two things – a backdrop and your props.

So, for a fun background, consider using a foil curtain or colorful crepe paper streamers. Dowels hold up the fun props like hats, mustaches, glasses and other hilarious and exaggerated facial features! You can probably find some great materials at the dollar store. Or grab some photo booth printables from KiwiCo.

Take Forced Perspective Photos

All ages will love the challenge of taking silly photos using forced perspective. By holding one object close to the camera and then standing far away from your friend or sibling, you can make the impossible look possible! Seriously, your kids will love taking forced perspective photos. 

forced perspective photo

Make Numbered Photo Puzzles

For your younger kids, numbered photo puzzles make a great educational activity. You can use any photos. Pictures from magazines or old holiday cards make great choices to recycle. All you need are a few simple craft items:

  • craft sticks
  • decoupage medium
  • photos
  • paintbrushes
  • permanent markers (e.g., sharpies)
  • scissors

numbered photo puzzles


Help your kids cut the photos into small strips to fit on the craft sticks. Then, attach with decoupage, adding another layer of decoupage on the top to create a nice finish. Your kids can number the craft sticks so they can easily put the picture back together. 

This makes a fun summer craft for your littles. It also makes a unique gift for grandparents or to send to a far-away friend! 

Create a DIY I Spy Book

Young kids love I Spy books! But what if they could create their own, with toys and objects from around the house? This DIY I Spy photography project is just the activity to keep your younger kids engaged this summer. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • camera
  • blank photo book
  • printer and paper
  • toys and other objects

I Spy book

The plan is simple. Have your kids gather up small objects for each scene. You could use small cars, buttons, stickers, or magnets. Then, using a white poster board for the background, have your kids lay out the objects however they want. Take a picture of the whole scene. Then, take individual photos of the objects that will need to be found.

I Spy book

Print out the photos and insert into an empty photo book. Your kids will have a blast seeing their own toys in their DIY I Spy Book! This also would make a super fun and creative gift for cousins, friends, and neighbors.

Design a Picture Frame

Finally, after your kids have had some fun taking all sorts of pictures around the house, yard, and neighborhood, they can design a unique picture frame to display their photography skills.

This Rolled Paper Picture Frame is great because it uses recycled pages from a magazine. You could also use patterned scrapbook paper or other recycled paper. 

rolled picture frameOne last picture frame idea is perfect for the summer months when you can get outside on nature walks. If your kids collect branches and twigs that have fallen to the ground, you’ll have everything you need for a unique twig frame. And the best part is – yes, this is a twig holiday ornament! If you make a couple, you’ll already have a head start on your gifts for the holidays.

So encourage your kids to have fun with photography this summer using these hands-on projects.

kid with camera


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