5 Fun Ideas to Try With The Kids This Week

March 23, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Whether you were already homeschooling, or you find yourself suddenly home with your kids, or maybe you’re just needing a change of pace– here are 5 fun ideas to try with the kids this week!

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Have an Art Day

You really don’t need to be an artsy mom to lead your kids in a completely successful art day! Oil pastels and chalk pastels are very forgiving, and they help even the most uncreative mom or kid feel like a real artist!

We’ve turned to DeepSpaceSparkle.com for our favorite art lessons. These projects are easy to complete for even the youngest of kids. A whole day of art projects provides easy hands-on activity to change up your normal schedule.

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Explore Geography

Maybe geography has been on the back burner in your homeschool for a while. If you’re in the mood to change things up for a season, consider using some mini geography lessons to dig into these fun topics. All of these lessons are open and go and doesn’t require preparation from mom! 

Imports Scavenger Hunt: Here’s a quick, open and go mini geography lesson to use today in your homeschool. Kids will learn about the geographical theme of movement with an Imports Scavenger Hunt! Be sure to download your freebie in this post.

GeoBear Project: What if you could awaken a sense of world travel adventure in your kids, without even having to leave home? Sound too good to be true? Enter the GeoBear Project.

Latitude & Longitude: After watching video clips showing how these lines work, your kids will be able to practice using their new knowledge with several hands-on activities.

World Maps Mini Lesson: This is a great introduction mini-lesson to the fascinating world of maps and map projections. Several hands-on projects are linked in this post.

Declutter the House

When you’re considering fun ideas to try with the kids, decluttering is probably not top of mind! But decluttering is a solid life skill that is a whole lot more fun if the family works at it together. So, spend a day decluttering the house! Make it fun, set a family goal and a family prize at the end.

If your teen needs some motivation to declutter his personal space, consider grabbing the Declutter Cheatsheet for Teens and remind them that this could be the start of a reseller business. Entrepreneurial teens can grow a reseller business with $0 in start up costs! And the best thing about homeschooling is that you can even include the work that goes into this business as an innovative elective on the high school transcript.

Check out the eBay Reseller Mini Course for Teens and save 20% with the code MOXIE

Take a Personality Test

How do you respond to expectations? How do your kids respond to expectations? Do you need structure? Or can you follow through on your own? 

The results of the Four Tendencies personality test will help you understand your kids, yourself, and others in your life better. You will be either an Upholder, Questioner, Rebel, or Obliger.

The results of the Four Tendencies quiz is super helpful to know if your kids need a more structured homeschool schedule or if they can follow through on their own. If you want to learn more about this personality paradigm, then check out Gretchen Rubin’s book The Four Tendencies.

Pull out the Board Games

Board games have to be on the top of the list of fun ideas to try with the kids. There’s something comforting about gathering the family around with some popcorn and a classic board game. It’s not just entertainment, either, many games give our brains a fabulous workout with critical thinking, strategy, logic, and much more at play. 

What are your favorites? Here’s our family favorites at different age levels.





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