5 Creative Design Projects for Your Teens

April 1, 2021

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As you encourage the importance of innovation in your homeschool, your teens can try these creative design projects. Not only does it expose them to real-world problem solving, but it helps your teens think about the design and engineering behind everyday objects. There comes a point when reading about a concept in a textbook just isn’t enough to truly understand it. Providing your teens with ideas and resources to build and experiment in a hands-on way will really help them understand scientific concepts in the real world! Plus, your dyslexic students thrive with these types of projects. Even your younger kids can join in the fun and learn some basic STEM concepts. These hands-on projects are great for the whole family. 

5 Creative Design Projects for Your Teens text and image of a girl smiling with a pencil in her hand and background of floating illustrated lightbulbs

Articulated Desk Lamp

If your teen has studied pulleys and springs in their science studies, see if they can put them to use with an articulated desk lamp. This popular design features a swing arm that allows you to adjust the light wherever you need it. Your teens can put their pulley knowledge to good use and try to design a lamp with three articulated joints. If they’re having trouble, check out the Eureka Crate from KiwiCo for complete instructions on this design project for your teen.

articulated desk lamp

Check out these additional resources and projects:

Paper Airplane Launcher

While your teens could create paper airplanes and launch them the old-fashioned way, why not innovate? The Paper Airplane Launcher project will walk them through the steps of building a motorized launcher. Your students can explore the science of flight while they work on this creative design project. They’ll learn first-hand that the paper airplane launcher is effective because it gives the paper airplanes a lot of speed, and therefore a lot of lift.

Here are more resources about flight:

Electric Pencil Sharpener

A sample crate from KiwiCo will help your teen explore electric motors and torque. It comes with a pencil set and notebook to jot down your ideas and inventions.

pencil sharpener kit

Additionally, use these resources to learn more about the topic:

Wind Powered Car

Another creative project for your teen is a Wind Powered Car. In this DIY, your student will learn about the engineering behind basic vehicles and how different components impact the overall functionality. Encourage your teen to make changes to their initial design and ask questions as they test the results. This is a fun hands-on project that will help your teens see how distance, speed, and time are all related. 

Here’s some more projects and resources to try: Scientific Method Lab Sheet for Science Success

Wooden Ukulele

Your teens can study the science of sound waves while they build a wooden ukulele. This crate from KiwiCo gives your teens everything they need to understand the science behind the project and build their own finished project! Teens love these creative design project kits.

wooden ukulele kit

Check out these additional resources about the science of sound waves:

Design Projects for Teens with the Eureka Crate

If you want amazing monthly design projects to arrive at your door, sign up for the Eureka Crate from KiwiCo. This box of creativity and engineering has projects for ages 14-104.

The Eureka Crate includes creative design projects for teens that explore topics like:

  • electronics
  • energy
  • mechanics
  • momentum
  • optics
  • and more!

teen building Eureka Crate project

The history of engineering innovation and discoveries is also explored in the Eureka Crate. Your kids will learn how creative problem-solving skills can lead the way to solving real-world problems and needs.

The Eureka Crate line is perfect for the engineer-minded tween/teen/adult! You get everything you need to create something fun and functional at home.

5 Creative Design Projects for Your Teens text and image of a girl smiling with a pencil in her hand and background of floating illustrated lightbulbs


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