25 Easy Lunches Kids Can Make

May 26, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Do your kids act as helpless in the kitchen as mine do sometimes? Oh they know how to cook most of the food they like, they just seem to think we have a short-order cook on staff ready to serve them. And while having a meal plan helps alleviate some of those issues, it doesn’t solve everything.

That’s why I like having some easy lunches the kids can make themselves. This can be anything from sandwiches to nuggets or premade pizzas. But as they get older, we have been working more on their skills in the kitchen. It’s time they start learning to cook food rather than just heat it up.

two young kids cooking food with overlay "25 Easy Lunches Kids Can Make"

Some of my children are more willing to learn than others, but it is important that they know how to cook on their own. You wouldn’t believe the number of kids I encountered at college who couldn’t even figure out how to boil water for Ramen Noodles.

But once your kids master some of these easy-to-make lunches, they can move on to more challenging recipes. And that’s when the real fun starts; experimenting, adding their own ingredients, cooking by taste and not measurements.

If your kids are getting started in the kitchen, these Easy Lunches Kids Can Make are the perfect starting point!

French Toast Nuggets | Happy Hooligans

Pizza Muffins | Space Ships and Laser Beams

French Bread Pizza (3 Ways) | Glue Sticks Blog

Stuffed Taco Crescent Rolls | Dancing Through the Rain

Easy 4 Ingredient Chili | Really, Are You Serious?

Sloppy Joe Mini Pies | Lindsey Blogs

Instant Pot Meatball Pasta Dinner | Simply Happy Foodie

Cheese and Meat Kabobs | Delightful E Made

One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Vegetables | Super Healthy Kids

Sesame Noodles | Gimme Some Oven

Fruity Peanut Butter Pitas | Taste of Home

Chicken Bacon Rollups | Taste of Home

BLT Wrap Sandwich | The Spruce Eats

5 Minute Homemade Mac & Cheese | Picky Palate

Hot Dog Nuggets | Lil’ Luna

Grilled Ham, Cheese, Pickle, and Potato Chip Sandwich | Joy the Baker

Zucchini Boats | Lil’ Luna

Taco Pizza | Life in the Lofthouse

Chicken in a Biscuit | Glitter and Graze

Easy Homemade Hot Pockets | Faith & Food for Busy Moms

Mini Pizza Bagels | Kroger.com

Quick Turkey Springtime Pasta | Butterball

Baked Corn Tortillas Cheese Dogs | Simply Gloria

Crunchy Crescent Nacho Dogs | Pillsbury

Turkey and Hummus Pinwheels | The Shirley Journey


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two young kids cooking food with overlay "25 Easy Lunches Kids Can Make"

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