10 Simple Activities to Develop Gratitude in Your Children


It’s funny how parents never have to teach their children to lie or throw a fit. (It’s the whole sin nature showing itself.) We need to teach them to love their neighbor as they love themselves, and one of the fundamental practices is expressing gratitude. But, it’s generally hard to express gratitude if one doesn’t actually […]

40+ Summer Nature Walks with FREE Printables


There is a priceless value in taking a walk and slowing down enough to notice the beauty in nature. I did this with my children when they were younger, and even now as teenagers, they are quick to point out the small things. You know what else nature walks help to develop? An appreciation for […]

FREE Printable Wants Vs. Needs Learning Pack


Discontent is an equal opportunity trait – it knows no bounds to the age group it affects. If your children are infected with the never-ending “wants,” then perhaps they need a little character development. This free, printable Wants vs. Needs Learning Pack will help them to recognize the many blessings that they are surrounded with […]

FREE Printable 24 Days of Thanks Devotional


Sometimes we tend to be perfectionists thinking it’s got to be all or nothing. In this instance, when I say “all” I’m talking about wishing for a November full of beautiful, poignant moments giving thanks with our children as we gaze upon the glorious splendor of God’s creation and expounding His sovereign character (all while we […]

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Gratitude Calendars


Enhance the spirit of Thanksgiving in your home all month long with this free, printable Thanksgiving Gratitude Calendar! It will help you to remember to lead your children into an attitude of gratitude with the Scripture and quotes, Gratitude Prompts, and Pocket Chart Cards. The font is friendly and easy to read, and the graphics are […]

FREE Printable I’m Thankful Feathers & Scavenger Hunt


I often have big ambitions when it comes to the holidays, but when the time comes, I lose sight. Even though Thanksgiving Day is still a few weeks away, don’t let that stop you from preparing right now! These free, printable I’m Thankful Feathers & Scavenger Hunt is something that you can print out and […]

FREE Printable Family Gratitude Devotions for the Month of November


Gratitude is a state of mind and heart. Often, we need to cultivate a heart of thankfulness which in turn gives us eyes to recognize blessings. Let these free, printable Family Gratitude Devotions for November help set the mood in your home. Working on being grateful every day in November is a great way to lead […]

FREE Printable Scripture Memory Booklet


These are beautiful. Bible verses, art, and gratitude are blended together into a booklet. Use it in the fall as we head toward Thanksgiving Day or use it year-round. It’s available in both the KJV or ESV. Each printing will produce two booklets.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]