Large Family Spring Cleaning Pack (featuring Kid’s Challenge Cards, too)


This 5-page Large Family Spring Cleaning Pack includes the Large Family Spring Cleaning Checklist Pages and fun Cleaning Challenge Card Set for Kids. This cleaning pack will give you ideas to get your cleaning juices flowing such as a cleaning supply list, cleaning ideas for every room in the house, and special areas for you to customize your […]

15 Frugal Family Activities for Spring with FREE Printable Bucket List


Check out these cheap (or free) fun family activities for Spring. There’s even a cute free printable spring bucket list. Time flies so fast. I look back and wish that I would have taken more advantage of the time I had with my kids while they were growing. I am not talking about a huge […]

FREE Printable Family Business Guide


From starting lemonade stands to charging siblings for doing their chores, children have so much fun starting their ‘own’ business. It is so important for them to start little businesses that can teach them so much for the future. This FREE printable family business guide is a great way to introduce your children to entrepreneurship. You […]

16 Super Cool Science Activities Your Family Should Try This Fall


Glorious fall has officially returned today! There are many ways to wrap yourself in autumn beyond drinking pumpkin spice lattes and hanging a wreath on your front door. You can immerse yourself in all kinds of fun! These 16 ideas will get your family started.Click here to find fall science activities! Need An Affordable Approach to […]