FREE Critical Thinking Coloring Book for Young Learners


Sign up for this free coloring e-book to help your kids think, draw, and color. Your homeschool can learn organized analysis and motor skills to be successful in their schooling. The coloring puzzles develop organized analysis, deductive reasoning, observation, classification, and fine motor skills in an activity that is so much more than coloring. The […]

FREE Simple Sentences Printable


Help your student build fluency and confidence when learning how to read with this free simple sentences printable. This hands-on and engaging activity will make reading and fluency into a game. Reading and writing is such an important skill. It is essential to provide as much practice as possible for your young learner.Grab this free […]

FREE Printable Nature Study Pack


Hooray for spring and sunshine and running around outside! While your children are enjoying the great outdoors, use this study nature with free printable study pack. Its pages encourage children to observe and draw what they see in nature, and its perfect for preschoolers all the way up to third graders!Click here to download your […]