Study And Memorize The Ten Commandments {Free Printable Pack}


Grab this free printable pack to help you and your family study and memorize the ten commandments. The pack includes a full-page, bookmarks, and scripture card printables with all ten commandments on each. They will be great to hang up on the fridge, place them in a binder, to mark your reading, or just keep […]

Simple Ribbon Bookmarks Your Kids Will Love


Learn how to make super cool ribbon bookmarks to suite your style and taste. My kids will love this. These are actual bookmarks that your kids can make with their own style. They can pick out the ribbons, pick out the buttons and create a ribbon bookmark of their very own. I just saw hulk […]

Who was…? Presidents (FREE Printable Bookmarks)


Study Presidents this year for President’s day from the Who was… Series with these free printable Presidents bookmarks. Peanut Butter Fish Lessons has come up with a list of all of the books in the series that covered US Presidents. The printable bookmarks can be used to take notes while reading the books. There are […]

FREE Copywork & Scripture Meditation Packet!


Teach pre- and early-teenagers about Godly wisdom! This FREE packet uses copywork, meditation, reminder notes, and bookmarks to help pre- and early-teenagers learn about the source and importance of godly wisdom. The packet includes a brief introduction that as well as fun, owl-themed pages that focus on five Bible verses about wisdom. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE […]

FREE Printable Division Bookmarks


Math facts aren’t very fun for students to learn, so they resist it. If I could have, I would have wallpapered every room in the house with math facts back when my children were memorizing them! Well, here’s a way to sneak in a few extra moments of practice…free, printable Division Bookmarks! You could use them […]

FREE Printable Dr. Seuss Reading Pack


So many kids love Dr. Seuss books. They are sweet, colorful, and always have a bit of wisdom tucked in here and there. You’re going to love this free, printable Dr. Seuss Reading Pack – it includes a reading log and bookmarks!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

Free Reading Log & Sticker Bookmarks


Start a reading challenge with your student and inspire them to read more books with this free reading log with sticker bookmarks. With a column for stickers, the reading log turns into a great motivational aid to bring excitement into whatever reading challenge you set for them. You can set a smaller goal like 15 […]