FREE Pumpkin Life Cycle Flip Book


Every moment is a teaching moment. You may be starting to see pumpkin patches all around town or planning a trip to one soon. Make these times in October/November teaching moments with your homeschool. Use this free pumpkin life cycle flip booklet and sequencing activity to teach your preschool or kindergarten homeschool. This pumpkin activity […]

20 Garden-Themed Activities for Children


As the weather continues to get warmer and warmer, it’s nice to spend time outside. Children will enjoy these 20 garden-themed activities. They include crafting a wind chime, making a sundial, painting and creating fairy rock gardens, and much more! Your children will richly benefit from breathing in fresh air and breathing out creativity!Click here to check […]

Boredom Jar – 60 Activities to Entertain Children with FREE Printables


Many co-ops have already met for the last time this school year, and the rest of us are doing are best to hurry and finish up the last lesson. Moms, you know what’s coming next, right? “I’m bored!”Prepare for summer boredom by creating a Boredom Jar. Here are 60 activities that can be printed up, […]

Free Groundhog Day Activity Pack

Will the groundhog see it’s shadow and determine that there will be another 6 weeks of winter or will he not see it and declare that spring will arrive early? Groundhog Day is almost here, and it is a fun holiday that kids love to celebrate!  This Free Groundhog Day Activity Pack has fun games […]

Keep your kids busy and engaged with this Christmas Family Activity Pack! December 1st-7th


Christmas time is coming. Whether you need a great gift or a way to keep your kids engaged during the holidays, Dear Homeschooler’s First 7 Giveaway is for you! With 15 books  full of crafts, games, etc., family time just got even more fun! Click here to enter this giveaways! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save […]