Free Online Unit Study for Star Wars Day (May 4th

May the Fourth Be With You as you explore the universe with the new Stars Online Unit Study. Loving Learning Freely is currently offering the Stars Online Unit Study FREE to subscribers. With this course that integrates multiple subjects,  your family will…. Learn about the different types of stars Travel the universe to view close-up images of stars Explore […]


FREE Printable Interjections Games

Interjections are a class of words that express emotion. Boy! Are we glad they’re a part of our English language. (See what I did there?) They make sentences more interesting, that’s for sure! Your child will enjoy learning about them with these three free, printable Interjections Games. They are simple to use and require minimal […]

Crafts and Activities Using Pom Poms

Crafts and Activities Using Pom-Poms

Have you ever just gotten out a big bag of pom-poms and let your kids create with them? I cleaned out my craft basket last summer and found bags of pom-poms and pipe cleaners. My kids were so excited when I was pulling everything out. You would’ve thought I had just given them a brand […]


FREE Printable Magnetic ABC Ocean

Kids love magnets and oceans, so combining the two to teach the alphabet is a win-win! This free, printable Magnetic ABC Ocean is used as a fun game. You call out letters of the alphabet, and your child will move the “fish” from one letter to another.Click here to download your free printable!


FREE Mother’s Day Notebooking Pages

Here are some fun mother’s day notebooking pages for your kids! These are really cute notebooking pages! You can give your children a writing assignment about mothers’ , there are little card templates, questions to answer and more!Grab these Mother’s Day Notebooking Pages HERE.


FREE Study Questions for A Young Man After God’s Own Heart

Is your teen boy going through the book A Young Man After God’s Own Heart? Here are some free study question printables that you can go over with your son as they are reading the book. This would be great for one on one Bible time with your teen! You can get these free printables […]


How to Revise Your Writing With FREE Printable

When teaching creative writing to your child, it can be difficult to get them to see the need for revisions. How to Revise Your Writing with free printable is a simple method to help your student to proof read their assignments. Often, it’s easy to overlook errors or omissions, but with the use of the […]

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