FREE Printable Number Line Worksheet

Number lines are a wonderful tool to teach addition because your student can visually see the numbers increasing. This free, printable Number Line Worksheet is especially helpful for the child that is beginning to understand the concept of adding. (I’ve never been a “math person,” but as a kid, I loved working with number lines! […]


FREE Printable Superhero Bookmarks

These free, printable Superhero Bookmarks are cute way to help motivate your students! Little things like this can help to make even the most monotonous books seem bearable.Click here to download your free printables!


FREE Printable Growing in Christ Sermon Notebook for Kids

Taking notes is such a terrific way to keep your children keyed into the church sermon. Your child will find it a pleasure to use this free, printable Growing in Christ Sermon Notebook for Kids! Its pages include an About Me page, Favorite Verses page, Prayer Request page, and a Sermon Notes page.Click here to download […]


Woodland Animals Crafts and FREE Printables

Little ones love cute, little furry animals. They are a lot of fun to learn and study about!FREE Printables:Woodland Animal Scavenger Hunt CardsWoodland Animal Coloring PagesWoodland Friends Preschool PackThe Woodlands Emergent ReadersWoodlands Tot and PreK/K PackFREE Woodlands Coloring PagesForest Animal Graphing FREE PrintableWoodland Pack from 3 DinosaursForest Friends Kindergarten Kit from Homeschool Share Cute Woodland […]


FREE Printable End of Year Signs

Can you believe the end of the school year is almost over?! (Personally, I thought this year would never end, but let’s save that for another day.) Maybe you’re the mom that takes pictures on every first day of school. This is for you. Maybe you’re the mom that wants to take your kids’ pictures […]


FREE Printable Camping Fun Learning Pack

Many homeschoolers will be wrapping up their school year and going on vacation in the coming weeks. If you’re one of these families, you know how hard it can be to keep your children focused on schoolwork. However, with this free, printable Camping Fun Learning Pack, you can do it! Take their excitement for the upcoming fun and […]


The Columbian Exchange FREE Printable

The Colombian Exchange is the term used to describe the transfer of plants, animals, culture, and ideas between Christopher Columbus and the indigenous people of the Americas. If you’re studying Columbus and his expeditions, you won’t want to miss! This free Colombian Exchange printable will help your child to discern which trade items were “New World” […]

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