Tips for Reading the Bible to Little Kids

The Bible is God’s Word. Every word of it is true, and it holds the words of life. It is applicable to every person of every age, and the earlier we can start exposing our children to it, the better. Maybe you’ve felt that it’s too hard for little ones to understand, but with a little […]


FREE Printable Order of Operations Puzzle

If you want to hear my kids roll their eyes and whine (which you don’t), just say “PEMDAS” or “Parachute Expert My Dear Aunt Sally.” This is the acronym we used to teach them the order of operations when solving an algebraic problem. Knowing the order of operations is absolutely essential. There’s no getting around […]


Ways to Add 1-20 FREE No-Prep Printable

There are so may different ways to help your early learners with learning addition. I found a really fun way to teach your children math. It is using the Ways to Add Up to 20 printable. This fun printable can be used in many different ways and is a great quiet time activity as well. Your children will […]


The Periodic Table Rap: Fun Resources for the Periodic Table

Learning the Periodic Table can seem like a VERY boring and daunting task for your older students that are learning Chemistry.When our children are little, songs seem to be the best way for them to learn and memorize important facts, the same thing can be said for older students as well! If your kids are […]


15 Fall Leaf Crafts for Kids

I think I say this every time I see fall crafts, but here I go again, “I love the fall!”. Everything about it, the smells, the colors, the cool crisp air. I may over do it with the crafts, but I just cant help myself. Fall leaves are the perfect tools for making fall leaf […]


21 Cool Candy Science Experiments

I always feel that when October rolls around, the excitement of a new school year has worn off and it’s time to infuse the school day with a little fun. Imagine how excited your children will be when they see you gathering the supplies for one of these candy science experiments! You’ll capture their attention by […]


FREE Writing Prompts from History for Teens

My kids love writing, but if I am being honest, sometimes it is hard to think up writing prompts. For teenagers, it is even harder as their knowledge base grows and they need to be challenged. So, why not try combining history or science topics with writing prompts.  This way, the teen is practicing writing […]

Want to celebrate Reformation Day this year? These printables, activities, crafts and books will help you plan a great celebration! ::

Resources to Celebrate Reformation Day

In the Protestant Church, October 31st is known as Reformation Day. Many Protestant Christians choose to celebrate this day as a way of teaching church history and as well as about the man who posted the 95 Theses, Martin Luther. If you’re looking to change things up a bit or for some new ideas celebrating Reformation Day, […]

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