Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail: FREE Unit Studies and Resources

If you are studying about Westward Expansion in your homeschool you will love these Oregon Trail Resources!Settlers traveling west had many obstacles that they had to overcome while finding their new land to settle upon. Studying about the Oregon Trail is so fascinating. Many parents still remember the tragic deaths that could occur just by […]


FREE Printable Teen March Writing Prompt Calendar

The ability to creatively stretch one’s mind with skills that can develop a thought on paper is crucial to a well-rounded student. It’s important to set before our teens a writing program that encourages them to enthusiastically do so, and this March Writing Prompt Calendar will definitely do that! It purposefully offers five prompt types […]


FREE Printable Landforms Interactive Notebook

If your child is studying landforms and enjoys making lapbooks, check out this exciting Landform Interactive Notebook! It includes a visual dictionary as well as interactive notebook elements.To receive your freebie, make sure you scroll down to the link toward the bottom of the page, just above the comments.Click here to download your free printables!


FREE Warm Up Work Handwriting Worksheets with Dyslexia Font

Warm-up sheets provide children with pre-writing practice as well as exercise of small motor control to build dexterity.These worksheets are perfect to use in the morning before you start your school day. You can hand them to your little ones to work on while you are working with your older students to keep them busy. […]


Homeschooling Your Easily Distracted Teenager with FREE Printable

Do you have children that tend to get distracted easily? I have quite a few of these children myself! I am even one of them! There is always something going on in our busy home to pull people off of the task at hand!Teens have a lot more work load than their younger siblings do. […]


10 Perks You May Be Overlooking at Your Public Library

As a homeschool family, one of our biggest resources is the public library. We love it so much that we’ll even pack lunches and hang out there for the day. Even if your family already makes regular trips to the library, make sure you check out this list to make sure you’re availing yourself of […]

South Carolina History Printable

FREE South Carolina State History Printable

South Carolina is an interesting mixture of the old and new, with major manufacturing plants throughout the state along with areas of beautiful buildings still standing that were built before the Civil War. It is the smallest state in the area of the U.S. known as the Deep South and is an important farming and […]

Monkey Prek

FREE Monkey-Themed Printable for PreK

Your little monkeys are going to love this new pack from Homeschool Preschool! It’s packed full of activities that focus on literacy and math skills for preschoolers. You’ll also find a Letter M reading challenge and a monkey-themed book list! Stop by Homeschool Preschool and download your 40-page M is for Monkeys printable today.


FREE Absolute Value Doodle Notes

Do you teach Algebra? If you’re looking for a new and engaging way to help students focus and retain what they’re learning, check out doodle notes. This free set covers Absolute Value Equations and combines text and examples with visual cues. This will help students remember what they’re learning and have better success later as […]

If you're studying bears this year, these resources will come in handy. From printables, to games to books and so much more - your study on bears is sure to be a hit! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

55+ Bear Resources

I don’t know what it is about bears, but I have always loved them. From Polar Bears to Grizzly Bears, I make a beeline for them when we enter the zoo. I passed this love of bears on to my children and they find them so fun and adorable. So, I decided we needed to […]

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