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August 14, 2019

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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When we began homeschooling, we had a very limited budget. In fact, if I’m being honest, it was zero. However, we scrapped together enough so I could buy the little bit of curriculum we wanted on hand for our oldest to begin.

What I didn’t realize then, is that we didn’t need all that curriculum. And what was even more troubling, was just weeks into our first year I realized several of our choices didn’t work and now I was stuck with curriculum that I purchased and absolutely no budget left. So, if you are looking for free homeschool curriculum you’ll be glad to know there are many options available. 

Mega List of Free Curriculum Sites

After discovering I couldn’t afford brand new homeschool curriculum, I began searching for worksheets, websites and curriculum online. There weren’t many options that didn’t cost, even if just a small monthly fee, but I was able to find a few that allowed us to continue homeschooling and using what worked for us, even on our non-existent budget. Nowadays it’s much easier to find free homeschool curriculum.

Over the years we have continued to utilize free homeschool curriculum sites for a variety of reasons. Some we used for their full curriculum, while others we use as a supplemental. They have been a wonderful asset to our homeschool and allow us to continue on this journey while staying within our budget. 

Free Homeschool Curriculum

Use these free homeschool curriculum websites to ease the financial burden in your homeschool. You will find full and supplemental curriculum for every age – preschool to high school.

Ambleside Online – Free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason’s classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world. AO’s detailed schedules, time-tested methods, and extensive teacher resources allow parents to focus effectively on the unique needs of each child.

Curriculum Pathways – Interactive, standards-based resources in the core disciplines.

Progressive Phonics – all-in-one reading program that is easy, fun, and totally FREE—that’s right, totally and completely free! With Progressive Phonics, ANYONE can teach a child to read and write in just a few minutes a day, which makes it ideal for parents, teachers, tutors, volunteers and home-schoolers. You cannot beat free homeschool curriculum that you can use to teach phonics and reading. 

Old-Fashioned Education – Free Christian Homeschool Curriculum K-12, all subjects!

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool  – Completely free homeschool curriculum – (A Cathy Duffy Top 102 Pick!) They have a Free high school curriculum website here!

Khan Academy
 – Expert-created content and resources for every subject and level. Always free.

Mater Amabilis: Free online Pre-K-8 Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics.

Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) – MEP is a free math curriculum from Great Britain.

Free American Sign Language Courses – Free ASL I & ASL II courses offered by The American Sign Language University

Homeschool Tracker – Free Homeschool tracking and planning software.

CK-12 – Get unlimited math and science practice with help for free.

Guest Hollow – lots of free curriculum, some for sale.

Charlotte Mason Help – Free Charlotte Mason Style Curriculum

Charlotte Mason Elementary Curriculum – Free Charlotte Mason style curriculum, multi-subject

Free Charlotte Mason Elementary Curriculum

Letter of the Week – Free preschool curriculum perfect for homeschoolers.

Free Full Life Science Curriculum – Includes 36 chapters, a student textbook, and a teacher’s manual.

Free  Middle School Chemistry – Download a free chemistry curriculum for middle school students.

MIT Open Courseware: Highlights for Highschool – Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers many of their courses online for high school students, absolutely FREE. These will not count for MIT credit hours, but students will find Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Humanities & Social Science, Mathematics, and Physics. – This site has over 7,000 videos in 13 different subjects including Math, Social Science, Natural Science and Humanities.

Starfall – This site offers free interactive, online games and activities for preschool thru 3rd grade. The basic site is free, but there are membership options if you would like to track and keep records of your child’s progress. – You’ll find lessons and courses from the basics to HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more. Ages range from pre-readers to high school. They even offer some information for those wanting to pursue a career in Computer Science.

The Good and the Beautiful – They offer their Language Arts Curriculum for 1st-5th grades in PDF form absolutely free.

NASA – Students will find a plethora of articles, videos and games for grades K-12 related to space exploration, aeronautics and STEM. 

Project Gutenberg – This is a fantastic site for book lovers. You’ll find over 45,000 eBooks, including a large library of children’s literature. Favorites from Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Rudyard Kipling and much more!

U.S. Forest Service – If your kids love nature studies, they will love browsing around the forestry website. Whether you live near a national forest or not, they have videos, printables and more!

National Geographic Kids – This site has free games and videos as well as links to study different animals.

Exploratorium – This site is provided by the children’s science museum in San Francisco. They offer videos, science experiments and numerous interactive online resources on both science and math topics.

Steve Spangler Science – You’ll find experiments with printable instructions and even some free lesson plans for everything science. – On this site you’ll find a host of free printables from preschool to high schoo,l and for parents too. It’s not necessarily free homeschool curriculum, rather supplemental worksheets and printables. 

XtraMath – Whether your kids struggle with math or love it, this site will give them some extra practice. This site is free online via a computer or tablet. The app does have a low fee.

How to Smile – You’ll find a collection of educational materials, including learning tools and services, all designed specifically for those who teach school-aged kids in non-classroom settings.

Discovery Education – Offers homework help through WebMath, teacher resources (make your own puzzles, mazes, word searches and more), STEM challenges, as well as videos for several subjects and more!

Enchanted Learning – You will find a plethora (over 35,000 web pages) of free printables to enhance your learning available on this site. From English to Science to Math to Crafts and much more!

Coursera – Help your high schoolers get a head start on their studies. This site offers free college level courses for non-credit, in a wide range of subjects. This is a great way to help prepare your high schooler before they enroll in college. They can also try out different topics and subjects to help narrow down their major preference.

Easy-to-Use Homeschool Resources – Just Open & Go, No Prep-Work!

Are you looking for affordable resources that don’t require planning or teacher’s guides? Discover the ease of using curriculum that encourages independent study!

a collection of various types of curriculum workbooks

Teachers Pay Teachers – This site offers products created by teachers for teachers. Yes, there are a number of paid products on the site, but you can also find free ones too. Some of them are free all the time, while others may be limited time, so check back often.

HodgePodge – Free Art Lessons for all ages. Subscriber to their site, which is also free, and receive free art lesson tutorials!

Donna Young – Offers free printables for homeschool planning as well as art, history, English, handwriting, math, and science.

Prodigy – A website that encourages math concepts through games and interactive online learning. You can also join their premium membership to track progress and more for just $4.99/month on a yearly plan.

Homeschool Share – They create and share unit studies related to books. Each book is personally read and the lessons evaluated so age levels suggested are most accurate.

This Reading Mama – Has a free PreK Complete Reading Curriculum that you can download and print!

School Express – This site offers over 19,000 free worksheets in a variety of subjects. Most are geared toward preschool thru upper elementary.

National Gallery of Art: Art Zone for Kids – This is no longer available online as an interactive source, but you can download a PDF version and/or download the app for Android or iOS systems.

Teoria – Free online Music Theory lessons.

Hoffman Academy – Free online Piano Lessons taught via videos right on your computer, tablet or phone.

Mission US – This site offers a fun interactive way to learn history through games and interactive activities. There are two ways to play free – computer or iPad. – Offers free online textbooks as well as thousands of pages that cover all of U.S. History.

Daily Grammar – Take grammar at your own pace with this free homeschool curriculum.

Purple Math – This site offers math support for a variety of standardized tests as well as full curriculum for upper level high school classes.

Quarks and Quirks Science – You can choose from High School Biology with a 30-week lesson outline.

Periodic Videos – Videos for every element on the periodic table that teach about the element and its properties.

Code Academy – Learn different skills to start or improve your abilities in computer science and programming.

Scratch – Kids can create stories, games and animations while learning to code.

Teach Engineering – A completely free STEM curriculum for K-12. You’ll find lessons, activities, curricular units and more!

Engineering Games – Kids will love learning about engineering through these fun, online games.

Learn Zillion – Free Language Arts and Illustrative Mathematics curriculum.

Knowledge Adventure – Free Games to help children through early childhood.

Science Kids – Kids can have fun learning science through experiments, games, puzzles, lessons and much more – all FREE.

Kids Math Games Online – From the creators of Science Kids, you’ll find worksheets, videos, quizzes, and more. Kids will also be able to work on their math skills for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, problem solving and more. 

Homeschool Buyers Co-op shares a list of free homeschool curriculum and resources. You’ll find online interactive sites as well as virtual tours for Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and more.

Mega List of Free Curriculum Sites

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