FREE Silly Sentences Printable Activity for Reluctant Writers

March 6, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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If you have children who are not too fond of writing, this free printable silly sentence activity will be something they love despite of it. Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to write. My oldest daughter loves to write as well. It came naturally for us and we still enjoy it to this day. You can imagine how I felt when my last two children did NOT like writing at all. What will I do with these children? It was like pulling teeth to get them to write and I just couldn’t understand why.

free silly sentences template great for reluctant writers

Writing is just not their “thing”. They don’t look like me and they don’t write like me. Whose children are these? Kidding. I love them dearly, but teaching reluctant writers can be a challenge, especially for a mom who loves it.

There are a lot of reasons why kids might be reluctant writers, especially if they are young. They can have a limited spelling ability and you just aren’t aware of it. They can be really disinterested in writing because it is boring to them. They can even just be plain ol’ lazy and don’t want to think about forming sentences.

This reluctant writer activity seems super cool for kids who could honestly care less about writing. It has to be done, so why not make it fun for them?

Grab this FREE printable of super silly sentences to get your reluctant writers writing today from The Busy Mom Club.

Here are some other cool resources to help get your kids writing.

free printables from write shop website

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