FREE Printable Resource – Responding to Your Anger

September 3, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Are we going here? Yes. We are going here. When you stare at your child and wonder why he or she is so quick to anger. That is the time when we need to take a step back, examine ourselves and check how to respond to our anger. This free copy of How to Respond to Your Anger is an excellent resource that comes with tips and Scripture cards to help.

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Sometimes we just need some clear and practical, encouraging tips to learn to deal with our own issues. We spend so much time raising our kiddos that we forget that we also can use some help in our walk with Christ.

It isn’t easy to break a habit like responding in anger. I mean, for me, it is like as soon as I Was on my own that the was my reaction to anything I didn’t like. I had so much bottle dup anger that it was hard for me to ever tame and I didn’t care to.

As a new creation now, I see that there will be a time when the Lord wants us to deal with our anger and root that has caused us to be angry – and get rid of it. It can be done.

Grab this FREE copy of How to Respond To Your Anger shared by The Character Corner.

Get some more encouragement for your daily routine and ins and outs of life with this awesome tool for moms: Learn How to Manage Your Mornings for when You Wish You Had Time to Just Slow Down & Breathe

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