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Since you are interested in astronomy, you might also want to check out these free science resources about space and astronomy.

Recommended Resource: The Astronomy Student Notebook

Using a combination of written narration, drawing, & labeling, The Astronomy Student Notebook will take your student on a journey into our amazing universe. Students will study the heavenly bodies and ponder the mysteries and marvels of the sun, planets, moon, stars, and more.

The Astronomy Student Notebook is a companion for The New Astronomy Book by Master Books, sold separately.


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Famous People Notebook: Astronauts

Encourage your student’s reading comprehension skills while they learn about famous astronauts and space missions with this Famous People Notebook.

Includes text, comprehension questions, written narration, and answer key.

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FREE Download: 2021 Calendar of Celestial Events

Our FREE 2021 Calendar of Celestial Events download includes a full year of moon phases, solar events, meteor showers, and more. Store it in your science notebook as you dive deep into the study of the sky.