FREE Counting and Number Matching Activity Using Paper Cups


I always love mixing up different hands on activities to keep my little ones engaged and learning. This works really well when your children are learning math. There is just something about using math manipulatives that helps different concepts click. If you are like me, you are probably a homeschooling mom on a budget that […]

FREE Timeline of British Columbia History

FREE Timeline of British Columbia History

British Columbia is the third-largest province of the Dominion of Canada and the only province that lies on the Pacific Ocean. It includes an island group about sixty miles from the mainland and Vancouver Island, where British Columbia’s capital is located. Discover the home of Glenn Anderson, William Richard Benett, Iona Campagnolo, Kim Campbell, Raymond […]

30+ FREE (Fun) Music Theory Resources


As a previous early learning teacher, Sunday school teacher and mom, I have come to the conclusion that children LOVE music. Music gets the kid’s attention, helps them learn, brings about peace and joy, and just so much more. Even now, my children (a little older- 8 and 11), find it better memorizing scripture if they […]

FREE Community Helpers Printable Paper Hats


Learning about community helpers is one of our favorite units that we cover in our homeschool preschool. There are so many different community helpers to study and learn about. You can cover a new one each week and have months of fun learning opportunities. I found the cutest printable hats from Tot Schooling that is […]

FREE Career Exploration 4 Week Unit Study for High School


Career Exploration is such an important thing to go over with our homeschooled teens. Most of them may already know what they want to be, but others may have no idea. This is where exploring different careers comes in quite handy.  I love career exploration. It can be a lot of fun, and a nice […]

Handy FREE Planet Information Bookmarks for Kids


My kids love getting bookmarks as presents. My daughter, I think, collects them. She loves reading. My son loves getting bookmarks, because he usually loses his. Different reasons, but nonetheless, they both love them and they are super useful during reading time.  This freebie is great for your Planets Unit Study. The bookmarks are a […]

FREE U.S. State Printable Worksheets for Kids


If you will be providing a unit study on the United States this year, this freebie of states printable worksheets will be great for your homeschool. There are printable worksheets for every state that range from crosswords, paragraph or sentence writing, flash cards and more. Don’t miss out on these FREE worksheets to go alongside […]

FREE Literacy Center Digraph Wheels


This super colorful and useful digraph wheel idea for your literacy center is a great tool. It helps your young homeschool practice double letter consonant sounds like “ch”, “qu” and  “sh”. You may have to print them out in cardstock, and laminating them would be best to reuse with extra durability. Playdough to Plato provides […]

New Phonics App from All About Learning Press


All About Learning Press has just released a NEW phonics app. Your children will build words, divide words into syllables, and hear the sounds of the phonograms.  Benefits for Your Child: Easily build and divide words for painless decoding Drag and drop letter tiles from the bottom storage area onto the workspace Color-coded letter tiles […]

FREE African American Artist Study


Horace Pippin (February 22, 1888 – July 6, 1946) was a self-taught African-American painter. The injustice of slavery and American segregation figure prominently in many of his works. This month you can get a FREE Horace Pippin artist study and explore his works of art in your homeschool. Homeschool Enrichment’s art studies include printable art that provides a natural, organic way to enjoy and become […]

42 Winter Casseroles to Warm You Up

Don't have time for a 4-course dinner? Check out these Winter Casseroles that have delicious winter vegetables and meat that will warm you up in no time! ::

Winter weather is here and that means warm, comfort food cravings. Sometimes I just don’t have time to make a huge meal, so that’s what I love about casseroles. They are quick to prepare, bake together and fill you up with warm fuzzy feelings.  While I love having casseroles for meals, I get tired of […]

FREE Financial Peace Course


I cannot remember what I was searching online, but I stumbled upon a FREE online course called More Than Financial Peace that I thought was something you might enjoy.  Early in our marriage, my husband and I made some very poor financial decisions. Our bills escalated higher than our earnings and our credit went in the […]

FREE 8th Grade Art Curriculum and Notebooking Pages


We love learning about artists and paintings in our homeschool. It is something we start when they are very young with picture study in a Charlotte Mason fashion, and we move up to more detailed artists and pieces when they get into the middle school and high school years.  I found a completely free art […]

FREE Printable Song Books for Preschool and Kindergarten


Little children love to sing and learn through songs and hand motions and activities. Singing is such a great way to get your little ones to learn and memorize things. It’s great for gross motor skills when you add motions to the songs as well. I found the cutest song books from Pre Kinders. These […]

Preschool Science FREE Dissecting Vegetables Activity


I am always looking for fun activities that my preschoolers can do that are educational related. Science and dissections are always a fun activity, but I have never thought about doing a dissection for preschoolers!  I found the cutest idea from Raising Life Long Learners. In this fun activity your preschoolers will get some hands […]

FREE In the Word Genesis Bible Journal for Teens ~ Limited Time


Bible Journaling and creative doodling are all the rage these days. These area also great ways to get your daughters excited for their Bible time. It is so important to teach our tweens how to have their own quiet time with the Lord and to help them get into a daily, regular routine. Sometimes it […]

Free Martin Luther King Day Writing Prompts


Martin Luther King Day comes very soon. Do you plan to add themed writing prompts for kids to do in their activity list? Today I would like to share the Martin Luther King Day Writing Prompts. These are really fun and free writing prompts for writing activities. Kids will enjoy doing this activity around the […]

FREE Printable Puppets for Fun, Hands-On Learning


Puppets are great for creative, imaginative play and learning. I remember teaching Sunday school for 4 and 5 year olds. They absolutely loved puppet time and singing along. The learning was interactive, fun, silly and really captured their attention. They also loved making paper puppets themselves and taking them home. Sing songs, tell stories, or […]