Rhyming Printables and Activities


Rhyming is a great way for kids to learn about word families. It also helps pre-readers to gain phonemic awareness which helps with reading ability. Rhyming is also a lot of fun! “The cat sat on the mat.” That seems to be one of the first sentence a child learns how to read. It practices […]

FREE Summer Homeschool Plans


Keep these handy tips, ideas and plans for a fun and educational way to spend your summer months. Don’t discount the idea of “homeschooling” over the summer with a more relaxed and flexible approach. This resource will give you a few summer homeschool plans to get you headed in the right direction. Click here for […]

How to Study Trees


Use these awesome tips to study trees with your homeschool. There are so many things to learn in nature studies, and this help focuses on the Charlotte Mason way. Charlotte Mason recommends you start with the trees in your yard, and focus on these until your children can identify them by name. I like that […]

Spanish Songs for Beginners Free Printable

Spanish Songs for Beginners_The Homeschool Resource Room

Do you want to teach your children some Spanish? How about starting with some fun songs in Spanish? Children learn so quickly when put to a song! Here are the songs that are included in the FREEBIE: Are You Sleeping? Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Happy Birthday Numbers Song ABCs in Spanish If You’re Happy […]

Fun Christian Trilogy Series for 12 & Up (Plus Giveaway)


Do you have an avid reader in your home? It can be difficult to find quality fantasy books that are “safe” for our children to read that do not have questionable content. There is no doubt a plethora of Harry Potter type books that intrigue our young people, but not everyone’s values align with that type of […]

10 Skills to Teach Before High School


Check out some ways to make it easier for your middle school student to transition into high school course work. Of course you can’t cover every single skill your child might need, but these skills will help your learner be more successful in during the high school years. These milestones are always hard for families to […]

Best Homeschool Unit Studies Online


Check out these awesome digital unit study options for your homeschool lessons. As homeschoolers, we love to use unit studies to explore many subjects at once. Its one of the great benefits of homeschooling; a holistic way of teaching. These three options for homeschool unit studies are offered in a digital format for your homeschooler […]

5 Things You Should Do Every Single Day


Commit to do these five things daily, regardless of how stressed you are. This resource asks that we make them non-negotiables for 3-4 weeks and see if it makes a difference for us. Some days, some months, and some years, life is just very exhausting and stretching for us. I truly do want to run away […]

Introduction to Nonfiction and Informational Texts FREE Mini-lesson


This free PowerPoint and note set will help introduce your learners to the structure of non-narrative nonfiction, also commonly referred to as informational texts. Students are usually pretty familiar with narrative nonfiction text structures, since its similar to all the fiction they have been reading. This is great as an informal texts unit introduction. It will inevitably lead […]

15 Prayers Every Christian Should Pray- FREE Prayer Cards


Take this 15 prayer challenge for all Christians looking to be stronger in their faith. It comes with free prayer cards as visuals to help you through it. Sometimes I go through some severely dry spells in my Christian walk, and it has nothing to do with God but everything to do with me pulling […]

Easy Spring Science Experiment


For many parts of the country, the color of the surrounding landscape will soon change from the white of winter to the green of spring. If your green thumb is starting to itch, try this easy paper cup plant project from the LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Science Unit 5 Worktext and you can welcome spring with […]

Argumentative Essay Writing with Free Graphic Organizer and Checklist


This free resource is designed to help learn about writing an argumentative or persuasive essay and comes with a graphic organizer and writing checklist. The graphic organizers with writing checklists help students organize a five paragraph essay, with reminders to introduce a thesis statement, provide facts and examples, and introduce a counterclaim. Remember, to teach […]

FREE Days of Creation Bible Bingo Game


Grab this free printable Days of Creation Bible Bingo game. The six game boards will be a perfect addition to your Days of Creation lessons plans. Bible Bingo is a fun, engaging game that encourages your entire family to memorize God’s Word. The game package includes 6 double-sided game boards, 20 unique scripture verses printed in 90 calling cards, and […]

Making Weather Stones


Make some weather stones in a simple felt drawstring bag to help kids learn about weather. This is a simple rock painting craft and makes a cute DIY toy too. A fun first thing to do in your homeschool is to discuss and determine the weather. These weather stones will be a great tool to go […]

Dinosaurs in the Bible for Preschool


Here is a fun Dinosaurs in the Bible unit study for preschoolers. Includes facts, worksheets, activities, and more. Very colorful and highly interactive. The Dinosaurs in the Bible for Preschool Unit Study is 20 pages. It is a free instant download. The same page has a Dinosaur BINGO game to download. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD […]

Math Mammoth Giveaway + Free Math Mammoth Book for Subscribers {Ends 4/28/2018}


Is math a struggle in your home? My son loves math but he wasn’t being challenged enough in a popular program that we were previously using. We also noticed that there were some learning gaps that we wanted to remedy before he moved on to 2nd grade. We are now using Math Mammoth and loving […]

Simple Strategies to Get Rid of Clutter for Good


Use these super simple strategies to get rid of clutter for good from Chaos2Peace. If we are honest, we do this. We let things pile up and accumulate, until we can safely label and describe our areas as “cluttered”. Even when I clean more often than not, I eventually find a drawer full of everything […]

How to Plan Your Own Unit Study


One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that you don’t have to just follow what someone else is doing. You can totally teach your children subjects and topics they are actually interested in. This includes exploring topics that aren’t normally explored or exploring them in a different way. It can be intimidating and challenging […]

Teaching Kids to Clean: Tips, Age Appropriate Cleaning Lists, and FREE Chore Charts


Teaching our children how to clean is an important life skill; so, use these tips, age appropriate cleaning lists and free printable chore charts to help. These 30 free resources for cleaning with children will help encourage you in what can seem like an overwhelming task at times. I literally just sat down today to make new chore […]

FREE “Look” Sight Word Book


Print and use this free sight word book for the word “look”. Some kids are not yet ready to use phonics by sounding out words. Some kids can literally memorize the word and begin with sight words first. Whatever your children’s style, this book can help. Reinforce concept of words, letter sounds, and more with […]

Narnia and Middle Earth Writing Prompts and FREE Download


If your kids love Narnia and Middle Earth, they will love these educational printables about all things Narnia and Middle Earth. This awesome resource has activities, writing prompts and free download. The resource uses a compilation of activities involving C. S. Lewis’s Narnia and J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth.It is suitable for anyone who is old enough […]

5 Things You Need to Know About the Waldorf Method


Every child learns differently, so it is important to know and understand different teaching methods. The Waldorf method is a teaching method developed by Steiner-Waldorf in which he focuses on imaginative learning and holistically learning intellectual, practical and artistic skills. If your child learns better with less structure and through holistic approaches, don’t miss out on these […]

HUGE Discount on The Gentle + Classical Preschool Package (Expires 4/21)

Parent Bundle Flash SaleHSG

If you’re a fan of The Gentle + Classical Preschool curriculum, you’ll be excited to have found this very limited time deal. While you can download the full PDF of this extensive preschool curriculum FOR FREE anytime you want, you might also be interested in an incredible discount on both the pre-order of a library-bound […]

Free STEM Activity for Young Learners: A Hands-on Unplugged Coding Game


Are you looking for STEM activities to use with younger students? Would you like to introduce your students to some of the skills needed for computer coding? This activity was created for young kids to practice coding skills in an unplugged, fun, and hands-on way. In this printable game, students will write up to five […]