FREE Cheat Sheet List for Running Records


Running records are an excellent assessment tool to tell you about your learners as readers. This free cheat sheet will give you a special code that you need as you learn how to take a running record. The free running record template will help you analyze your reader’s reading behaviors and learn about his/her strengths […]

30+ Gluten-Free Freezer Meals for Your Large Family


Going gluten-free has been a major shift in family diets over the years. Just from what I know, from people around me, going gluten-free has helped countless families get rid of long-lasting ailments that medicines couldn’t. If you have a large family, going gluten-free is not an easy task. These 35 large family gluten-free freezer […]

Easy-to-Make Robot Car for Kids


All you need is a motor, battery pack, and switch to make your very own simple first robot project for kids. I always thought things like this are beyond reach as a kid, but your kids can totally make their own robot. They will love it. This is a great introduction to making real full […]

FREE Downloadable Inspiration eBook and 30 Days of Homeschool Encouragement


Our homeschool journey can really use some encouragement and inspiration at times. Grab this 30 days of homeschool encouragement and inspiration ebook to help you. I can imagine some of you may even be thinking now that you aren’t sure if you can do this homeschooling thing another year. I challenge you to not give […]

FREE Thanksgiving Lessons for Kids


You will absolutely love this free month of lessons for Thanksgiving and free seasonal Sunday school lessons for Pre-K through Adult. The free lesson downloads include a teacher’s guide along with posters, games, seasonal activities, take-home sheets, and much more. Thanksgiving Lesson 1 teaches how all good gifts come from God. Thanksgiving Lesson 2 explains […]

FREE Multiplication Task Cards


This goldfish bowl math activity can help introduce your kids to multiplication. I don’t know why I am on a goldfish kick. I just posted another goldfish math game yesterday. I think it’s because my kids loved goldfish, and where we live we can’t get them anymore. I think my kids would have loved doing […]

FREE Printable Military Branch Puzzles


Why didn’t I see this one sooner! I am so late with this post. I, as a United States Navy Veteran, don’t think it’s too late to share with your kids this awesome resource. If you passed Veteran’s Day (I know I did since I am in another country—and I am so sad about it!), […]

FREE Printable Cleaning Calendar for November


This free November cleaning calendar will help you figure out a cleaning routine that works for you and your home. This simple household tool is such a help for busy moms. The cleaning calendar lays out each task you should complete each day; it is simple and straightforward to use. I love that it isn’t […]

FREE Printable Kids Placemats for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

These FREE printable Thanksgiving placemats for kids will keep them fully occupied at the table during Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving dinner can be slightly chaotic at times, so give your kids a little gift at the dinner table to keep them busy and to thank them for helping out. Chances are I am sure a teen […]

FREE Printable Adorable Fall Bookmarks for Kids


These fall bookmarks to color for kids are absolutely adorable. The bookmarks feature cute fall animals and drawings–like owls, squirrels, raccoons, and apples. Winter is almost here, so let’s enjoy the fall while it’s still here. Your kids will love coloring these bookmarks for fall time fun reading. Click here for FREE fall bookmarks to […]

Teach Gratitude with a Thanksgiving Tree


I love this idea! This year can be the first year your family makes a Thanksgiving Tree to practice and learn about gratitude. The tree of gratitude will give your family a visual picture of your family’s many blessings. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget everything that God has brought us from, everything God […]

FREE Printable Responsibility Chart

Printable Responsibility Chart

With all the freedom that comes with homeschooling, it’s valuable to incorporate some structure into your home to help your child learn skills like time management and responsibility. A great way to do this is by using our daily responsibility chart from Alpha Omega Publications.  Fill out the printable chart below with some tasks you […]

20+ FREE Rhyming Games and Printables


Rhyming is an important component of reading success. These free rhyming games and printables will help teach your kiddos all about rhyming word with learning full of fun. Your preschool, kindergarten, and 1st-grade homeschool will love learning to rhyme with nursery rhymes and activities. Rhymes help develop knowledge of repetition, memory, and can improve reading […]

FREE Symmetry Printables for Kids—Finish-the-Picture Activity


These free, fun drawing pages will help your kids learn about symmetry and practice creating a mirror image with the help of grid lines. There are 10 different finish-the-picture pages that you can print and use over and over. You can explore this topic with mixed ages as they learn to re-create beautiful images all […]

FREE 21-Page Tree Nature Study Printable Pack


This Tree Nature Study Pack is perfect for kids who love activities, and who love to get outdoors. If your kids are active and love running around, this type of interest-based learning and nature studies will be a favorite hands-down. The 21-page nature study comes with activities like tree and leaf matching cards, word searches, scavenger […]

FREE Printables to Get Your Laundry Sorted


Are you having visitors for the holidays this year, and know you need to get your laundry situation sorted before then? Then these free laundry sorting printables, and tips for organizing laundry will be just what you need to take control. I feel like sometimes I want to look at my laundry pile and cry. […]

FREE Geography Lesson from Let’s Go Geography


What better way to have kids learn geography than with a variety of hands-on activities? And that’s just what you get with the Let’s Go Geography curriculum. But rather than just reading about it, now you can download a free sample lesson and experience it for yourself. The sample lesson, Our Amazing World,  is an […]

Great Gift Idea for Friends & Family Plus Giveaway


In September our oldest was in a terrible car accident. At just 17 years old she saw her life flash before her eyes; it was pretty traumatic for our entire family. My husband purchased a car when she was just three years old and she dreamed that it would be her’s one day. He babied that […]

GIVEAWAY! A Biblical Board Game Your Family Will Love! (ends 11/16)


If you homeschool your teens and tweens, you don’t want to ignore this post. If you are a gaming, Bible-loving family, this game needs to be on the SHORT LIST for Christmas this year.    I was gifted the game Portals and Prophets from Harmon Games for my honest review- but honestly, I was willing […]

Learning About Missionaries FREE Printables and Resources


Learning about missionaries is a great way to teach our children about different cultures and people in our world.  Missionary stories are also an amazing way to teach our children about God’s provision and protection. They will be fascinated with the stories of regular people just like us, stepping outside of their comfort zone and […]

Being Strategic for Quality Family Time


Life is chaotic at times. Being intentional about family time is a must, especially when life gets overwhelming. These six simple strategies for getting in better quality family time with the ones you love will help you. Kids are going here and there, practice and friend’s homes. We have appointments, grocery shopping, and everything in […]

FREE U.S. State Capitals Printable Crossword Puzzle


This FREE printable U.S. state capitals crossword puzzle will be a great addition to your homeschool when your kids study the 50 states. Moving away from the United States a few years ago, pushed me to get my children knowing more about our great nation. I try to change things up a bit, but I make sure […]

FREE Bible Charade Game Printables


If your family enjoys game night now and again, they will love this fun interactive Bible charades game. Bible charades will help you teach your kids God’s Word while making family quality time fun. This post has combined the best resources for bible study into one amazing download your kids will ask to play over […]

The Importance of Technology for Your Homeschooled Teen


We can all probably admit that technology can be used as a great tool for your teenager with the right parameters. Technology in homeschool is no exception. Although we might worry about things like getting off task, messaging with friends or even something dangerous–being involved and monitoring your children is worth your time. This is […]

FREE Printables for Counting to Ten with a Counting Bin


Teaching your kiddos to count to ten and understand what they are doing is such a fun milestone. This fun collection of free printables can help you teach counting to ten in your homeschool. These counting bin activities are free, simple, and low-prep for busy moms to enjoy as well. Young learners will enjoy these […]

FREE Printable to Teach the Element of Value in Art


There are so many benefits to teaching art in your homeschool. Teach the element of value in art is a good place to start. When children look at art in paintings or photos, there is so much their little minds can see. Breaking up what they see into learning experiences can really get their imaginations […]

Helping Your Child Build Reading Fluency


It surely is such a beautiful sound to hear your child cross the milestone of stumbling through words to reading with fluency. This post will help you glean from a variety of fluency activities that will help your readers from kindergarten on up. These 8 ways to build reading fluency will have your children smoothly […]