Homeschool 101 FREE Monthly Resources


Join the Homeschool-101 community and receive 2 free e-Books, weekly encouragement, a free monthly printable, and special coupon codes to use in the Apologia online store. is such an amazing resource to go along side your homeschool lessons. Subscribe now and receive 2 free ebooks immediately. The insights from Homeschool 101 are priceless. They […]

Ultimate List of Things to Make a Stressed (but Blessed) Life Easier


Learn to make your stressed, but blessed life easier. These tips will help improve your productivity, and let’s face it, sanity. All of us can use some inspiration to keep us going. Sometimes life can get so busy or full that you literally have to learn to trust God moment by moment. At some points in […]

FREE Homeschool Planning Printables


This free 13 page homeschool planning printable set includes the prettiest pages. I just had to share them with you. The pages are perfect to use as homeschool planners or to supplement the planner you currently use. These pretty, bright and cheerful planners work for both homeschool and non-homeschooling needs. Over half of the pages included […]

FREE Summer Stationery Pack


Use this fun summer stationery as an invitation to any event you may have this summer. There are four cool designs you can choose. The designs are perfect for recording summer memories or creating pool party invitations. They also can be used for journaling and for capturing your perfect summer memories. If your kids have […]

Let’s Get Crafting: Mouse Crafts

There are some super cute and fun books about Mice. These crafts will pair perfectly with the books as well as some printables and activities! ::

It doesn’t matter if you are doing a unit study about mice, reading a book that talks about a mouse or just are looking for some sort of fun mouse craft we have you covered. Here are 28 amazing mouse themed crafts to keep you and your little ones busy for a while. If You […]

30 Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes

I remember my mom always having a pitcher of iced tea made and ready to drink when I was growing up. These 30 Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes are sure to make your tastebuds dance this Spring and Summer! ::

There is nothing like sitting on one’s front porch sipping ice tea while soaking in the nice warm days of Spring and Summer. This list of recipes will help you not only sip amazing tea but will also keep you from getting bored of just one flavor! Honeysuckle Iced Tea by Daily Dish Recipes Rose Petal Ice […]

Complete Living Book List for Teaching Ancient History


Explore a list of over 150 living books for teaching Ancient History, Geography, Archaeology, Geology, Missionary Stories, and much more.  The master list of all the living books will provide a great guide/plan to use for your study of ancient history and a few other corresponding subjects (geography, archaeology, geology, and missionary studies, as well as […]

7 Ways to Help Kids Use Up Their Energy


There are plenty of ways to help our kids use up all of their extra energy throughout the day. It sometimes seems impossible, but this resource helps you find proven ways to help. It’s hard to keep kids focused, their attitudes in check and to act appropriately when they can’t sit still. We truly need to […]

FREE Cursive Letter Formation Tracing Cards


Use these letter formation tracing cards as a way to help your homeschool practice the cursive alphabet.  They will work perfectly alongside you teaching this lost art. My favorite part of these cards is that they have guided and numbered steps showing how to write each letter. Each card has the lower case and upper case letter […]

FREE Royalty Fractions Pack


Teach fractions to preschool and kindergarten students with this free royalty fractions pack. The pack has 3 pages and is great for introducing fractions in your homeschool.The pack is good forfun solo work, group work, or partner work. teh 3 pages include one of princesses, one of princes, and one for pretty flowers. The color […]

Helping Kids Develop Delayed Gratification In An Instant Pot World


Learn how to help your kiddos develop delayed gratification in an instant pot world. Children really need to learn how to wait –  from education to employment, relationships to ministry, personal health to finances. Delayed gratification is a critical part of a mature, joyful life. The other day my son got invited to a birthday […]

Electricity STEM: Lighting Up a Shoebox Tiny House


This electricity STEM activity of lighting up a shoebox tiny house is perfect for teaching how electricity works. Learning how electrical circuits work is an important science skill for kids 4th grade and up. When they understand how electricity works, they will have an appreciation of how other things in the home work and link together. […]

20 Toddler Painting Ideas


Check out these 20 painting ideas for toddlers. These toddler painting activities and ideas are for one year olds, two year olds or three year olds to enjoy. Easy painting ideas, finger painting, messy play are just so much fun; we put our cleanliness away and enjoy those kiddos.  There are so many toddler painting […]

Alpha Omega Publications Terminology from A-Z

AOP Homeschool Terms from A-Z

For more than four decades, Alpha Omega Publications has been faithfully serving homeschool families. If you’re new to homeschooling, use this glossary of AOP homeschool terminology from A-Z to learn more about our Christian curriculum and the benefits we can offer to help you meet your needs and educational goals. Accreditation Accreditation ensures only that […]

30 Shrimp Recipes for the Seafood Lover

Shrimp happens to be a great source of protein, selenium, copper, choline, zinc, niacin and vitamins B6 and B12. However, many of us probably only know of a few limited ways to cook shrimp. Check out this list for some inspiration! ::

Shrimp happens to be a great source of protein, selenium, copper, choline, zinc, niacin and vitamins B6 and B12. However, if you are like me, you only know of a few limited ways to cook shrimp. Maybe this list will help us all embrace adding a little more shrimp items into our menus. Firecracker Shrimp […]

Free AD Word Family Worksheets


Free AD word family hands-on worksheets and printable activities for kindergarten kids. Word families and phonics are very important for beginning readers. This collection will give your students the practice they need. This set includes 20 hands-on worksheets and printable activities to help your kids learn words in the word family AD.  Grab these AD […]

Limited Time Only: Free Guidance Counseling and Transcript Evaluation Session


Teleconference with an experienced, professional Guidance Counselor for curriculum coaching and a transcript evaluation – for free! For a limited time only, get a free one-on-one online session with an experienced, professional homeschool Guidance Counselor! This package includes a one hour teleconference session with a counselor, a personalized learning plan, and a transcript evaluation. Parents […]

Skip the Summer Slide with these Math Printables


Working on multiplication or addition skills this summer? More Than a Homeschool Mom has put together a fun pirate and princess themed printable pack you don’t want to miss out on! What’s included in the printable? Addition fact sheet – There are a few of these that would be perfect for speed drills if you are working […]

FREE “Cheat Sheet” for Your Elementary Students (Math, Writing, Grammar)

cheat sheet elementaryHSG

Do you have a student who struggles to remember basic concepts? Maybe your child suffers from a learning disability like dyslexia, dyscalculia, or ASD? Learning disability or not, we all sometimes have a child that can hit a skill that JUST WON’T SINK IN. I personally can’t remember 9×7 to save my life! We hate to […]

How to Use Technology in Your Elementary Homeschool Lessons


Learn how to incorporate technology in your elementary homeschool lessons. It easy to do by integrating technology into your weekly lessons plans taking small steps. My children love minecraft. They also love doing any games online, even educational ones.  In such a technological age, it only makes sense to use technology as part of your […]

FREE Garden and Plant Worksheets for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


Grab these free garden and plant worksheets for kindergarten – 2nd graders in your homeschool.  These 7 pages of plant and garden learning feature a plant observation journal page, plant labeling, a garden scavenger hunt, and much more. There are also other ideas for plant and garden themed learning. Enjoy the better weather and get your […]

DIY Abacus (Counting Practice)


You and your homeschool will love to make this do-it-yourself abacus for counting help. An abacus is a fun and concrete counting activity for your homeschool. On of the best parts of making this is that your child can help you. They will enjoy learning with something they have made on their own, well… with some help […]