FREE Printable Meal Planner


As a busy homeschooling mom it is imperative to plan your weeks ahead to avoid craziness at meal times. I have found that if I sit down and plan my meals for the week ahead I feel so much more confident and less stressed during my busy schedule. I love finding meal planners that have fun […]

How to Build a Free Container Garden


Garden season is right around the country, well in the warmer climates that is. If you have been wanting to try your hand at gardening a container garden is a great way to test your green thumb. It’s also a wonderful way to get your children involved in gardening as well. Container gardening is a […]

Preschool Craft Series: Buttons

Craft Series_buttons_pin

This is the third post in our preschool craft series. Preschoolers love doing crafts, but sometimes doing lots of crafts can get expensive. Crafts can be overwhelming for moms that don’t feel like they are very crafty or creative. I am excited to share this new series with you. Each week we will be posting […]

12 Best Kept Secrets for Applying for the FAFSA


Applying for and filling out the FAFSA application for the first time can be very overwhelming. If you don’t fill it out properly your child can miss out on a good chunk of money that they can use for their college expenses. As a homeschooler we don’t get a guidance counselor showing our children how to […]

FREE Periodic Table of the Elements in Pictures and Words


Learning the Periodic Table of Elements is quite the task. I love finding different printables to help my kids with memorizing. I found the greatest Periodic Table of the Elements printables from Elements.wlonk that are colorful and fun for your kids to use to understand and memorize the elements. There are color coded picture tables […]

How to Make a Giant Peg Board Tutorial

How to Make a Giant Peg Board at #gingersnapcrafts #craft #storage_thumb (1)

I love reading crafty blogs and looking in craft and design magazines. There are so many amazing craft storage ideas to hold all your supplies. In a homeschool house hold there always seems to be so many craft supplies all over the place. We all have different hobbies and there are tons of supplies and tools […]

FREE Ancient Greece Go Fish Game


Games are a great way to solidify history facts that may be hard to memorize or remember. History doesn’t have to be boring with dry facts, it can be a lot of fun when you incorporate hands-on activities. If you are studying Ancient Greece in your history curriculum this game from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus […]

Animals in Winter ~ How to make a Migration Diorama {Printables}


Here is another activity in the Animals in Winter unit. Families will learn how to make a Migration Diorama and track animal migrations in Winter.    This is a great printable with a detailed tutorial for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to check out this freebie from The Natural Homeschool now!

Montessori-Friendly Ways to Teach Kids about Animals in Winter ~ Printables Included


These are some Montessori-Friendly Ways to Teach Kids about Animals in Winter. The printables are included. There are 3 category labels, 3 animal lists and 18 animal cards.   This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to check out this freebie from The Natural Homeschool now!

Writers in Residence Giveaway


Writers in Residence by Debra Bell is one of the newer products in Apologia’s language arts line up. It is a writing-focused language arts curriculum that integrates grammar, punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, and sentence structure into the writing assignments. It is geared toward grades 4-8. The course consists of a student text/workbook and an […]

Free President’s Day Worksheets


It is fun to celebrate the presidents on President’s Day. Today we have some fun President’s Day color by letter/color by sight word worksheets for you. There are 2 worksheets to do a great project for preschool or kindergarten age children who are just learning their letters or sight words. These worksheets have cute little […]

Homeschool Fun Giveaway Week


Winter is a tough time for homeschool moms. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘winter blues’. If you’re feeling a bit blue this month, then why not change things up in your homeschool? Try a fun unit study or silly read aloud or even take a week off and let your kids burn off some […]

28 FREE Character Traits Lessons


We want to train our children to have a heart for others and a life of Godly character. These are not qualities that always come naturally. In fact, they usually need to be vigorously taught in the home before they are demonstrated in real life. These free online character lessons may be just the tool […]

How to Introduce Carpentry Skills to Your Kids


Woodworking is an art that isn’t taught often. Most schools have discontinued teaching it and it seems to be a skill that is easily becoming forgotten. What I love most about homeschooling is that I am able to teach my kids skills that they aren’t getting in a real school setting and tailor it to […]

End Mealtime Madness (FREE Offer)


I am pretty pumped to share this FREE Live Online Event with you called “Raising Adventurous Eaters:  7 Proven Strategies to End Mealtime Madness and Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food.”  I don’t think I am the only one who dreads having to stop what I am doing and make sure my people have […]

Don’t Complicate Homeschooling — Simplify


Many homeschoolers try to cover every base when it comes to their children’s education. If you find yourself in this predicament, it’s probably causing undue stress and, as a result, burnout. Take a step back and catch your breath. Although the pressure might make it feel like it’s April or May, it’s only February. So, […]

Building the Numbers 11-20 (FREE Interactive Worksheets)


If you have already taught your young one the numbers 1 -10, then these building numbers 11-20 with free printables will be great for your homeschool. At times, children will know the numbers, but they don’t truly understand what they represent. These printables include hands-on manipulatives, as well as ten frame pages, to increase number […]

FREE Clipart Charts and Worksheets

674bfe4faa387f4ac9f2bc7bc2a231b0 has created a fantastic variety of free classroom charts, worksheets, notebooking pages and coloring sheets. These are great for children of all ages and they come in a dynamic variety of themes like insects, animal cells, solar system, butterfly life cycle, plant cells, parts of brain, parts of an apple and much,  much more. […]