FREE Book from Veritas Press


The Seven Laws of Teaching has been a well-used resource for classical educators. For a limited time only you can get this book for FREE from Veritas Press plus you will be enrolled in a mini-teaching course. Click here to get FREE access to The Seven Laws of Teaching. The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical […]

FREE Scripture Coloring Sheets


Grab these free scripture coloring pages to go along with your Bible lessons at home or church. There are three coloring pages that include the scriptures Proverbs 1:7, Psalm 4:8, and Matthew 6:26 ESV. The printables are beautiful and exactly what you will need for children’s church or to keep for your child’s command center. […]

FREE Printable Moth and Butterfly Venn Diagram


Grab this moths and butterflies Venn Diagram for your homeschool science lesson. This is a great time of year to study moths and butterflies in your homeschool, and this Venn diagram is perfect for comparing and contrasting the two. Even younger learners can use this resource as the printable also includes cut and paste characteristics […]

Homeschool Planning with a Bullet Journal


Create your own homeschool plans with a simple bullet journal. You don’t have to use an expensive planner to get organized for homeschool. What is good about bullet planners is that they are inexpensive, they are changeable, they have non-restricting page set up, they can be decorated as you please, and they are easy to […]

Wholesale Deals Without A Membership Card


If you live in an area away from any of the warehouse clubs, then you will not want to miss this post. Many people live in areas far away from a Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s, and I feel their pain. I live in another country, so I can’t even take advantage of the post’s […]

FREE Customizable Name Tracing Worksheet


This free customizable worksheet for preschoolers and kindergarten kids can help them to practice writing their name. The file is editable to personalize and includes 4 lines for children to trace their name. Advanced children can write their name twice or write their first and last name on each line to trace it 8 times. […]

Great Character Building Tools and Resources


Check out these awesome character building tools and resources to help you in your home. These resources will help build godly character in your children. It isn’t easy to do all of the time, but it requires time and planning. Your child can go to Sunday school weekly, however the teaching of God’s Word begins […]

Fight Against Becoming a Burnt-out Homeschooler


Read these confessions of a burnt-out homeschooler and how to prevent it this school year. Whether you are first time homeschool mom or a seasoned vet, we could all use some help in trying to prevent or prepare for a possible feeling of being burnt-out or overwhelmed. We can organize until the cows come home […]

FREE World War II Copywork-President Roosevelt’s Speech to Congress, December 8, 1941

FREE World War II Copywork-President Roosevelt’s Speech to Congress

Help your children reflect on the attack on Pearl Harbor and the impact it had on the nation and the world with this copywork pack that contains the speech President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to Congress on December 8, 1941. Traceable text, text to copy, and blank lines are all included.Grab the print version (24 pages), the […]

Homeschool Planet Giveaway: Win a Free 1 Year Subscription for Your Family


Need to get organized for the new homeschool year? Enter for your chance to win a free one-year subscription to Homeschool Buyer Co-op’s Homeschool Planet.  This is an online, intuitive planning program that helps you get organized and stay organized all year long. It boosts your homemaking performance with schedule sharing among family members and […]

Incorporating Charlotte Mason Into Your Homeschool


There are many ways to incorporate the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method in your homeschool. Charlotte Mason believed that true education happens in an environment that encourages a lifetime of learning. Many homeschool families have adopted this method to teach their children through an engaging style that produces great academic results. Check out these 7 simple […]

Homeschooling Unit Studies for Multiple Ages


You can completely homeschool all your kids simultaneously with unit studies. Taking a unit study approach will save your sanity and is budget friendly. Unit studies are centered around a theme and nearly every subject can be taught around that theme. This post shares ideas, tips, and curriculum choices to save your sanity through unit […]

FREE Royalty Themed Fractions Printables


Use these adorable royalty themed fractions printables to teach your preschool and kindergarten homeschoolers. The three page printables include princesses and princes of different skin colors, hair colors, and outfit colors. The color words are color-coded to assist kids in reading the color. They can be used for quiet time or to go along your […]

10 Tips to Help Kids Understand What They Read


Reading comprehension is an essential skill for young learners. Sometimes kids read just to get it over with. However, that is not what we need to encourage as parents. Its hard for us to gauge what are kids are understanding without being proactive about it. Read about these 10 things to try when learners don’t […]

FREE Printable Math Journal Pages


This free printable interactive journal page template for shapes practice is a great addition to your lesson. It is also perfect for practicing fine motor skills while learning shapes. Use these for your preschool or kindergarteners to help make learning shapes fun and engaging. Click here for your free printable math journal pages from R.E.A.L. […]

FREE Character Curriculum for Elementary Students


My main goal with my children is to instill a love of the Lord in their hearts and to train them to have GOOD character! There are way too many children nowadays who lack any type of character or morals.  I found a great website called Character First that offers FREE character curriculum for elementary students. […]

FREE (Limited Time) Avengers Notebooking Pages


This limited time freebie will help your superhero-loving homeschooler enjoy to practice their handwriting. Adding some fun to your subjects will help your child be more engaged while learning. These Avenger’s themed notebooking pages will come in handy to do just this. The pages have two different kinds of lined writing options and six familiar superhero […]

FREE Printable Counting Mats


These free printable caterpillar egg counting mats can be used as an independent work task, a quiet time activity or at any time for some extra math practice in your preschool or kindergarten plans. The caterpillar egg counting mats will help your homeschool practice number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills while learning about the […]

Weight Conversion Guide for Baking- FREE Printable Chart and Videos


Learn why baking by weight may be a good choice for you with this free printable chart, guide and videos. This post comes with amazing tips for converting your favorite recipes from cups to grams for different types of flour. Explore 3 specific reasons you might want to start baking by weight vs. measurements. Measuring […]

FREE Printables for Tape Measure Math


Use these tape measure math printables to teach number sense, counting, skip counting, patterns, measuring. Help your kids explore mathematical ideas and playing with numbers for valuable learning experiences. A simple sewing tape measure can be purchased for less than a dollar at any local Dollar Store or convenience store. You can do whole math […]

FREE Geography Matching Activity


This free geography matching activity will help your homeschool students learn the 7 continents of the world. The activity is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten to introduce the continents. Even at an early age, preschoolers can learn to visually recognize the world map and the shapes of each continent. For scissor skills practice, children can […]

How to Make Spelling Flip-Folders


Check out these 4 strategies to improve your spelling practice, and detailed instructions for making a flip-folder for spelling words. Getting kids to practice spelling words can be daunting at times. My son just stares at the page or works like molasses when practicing the words. Spelling practice doesn’t have to be just boring busy […]