FREE Homeschool Geography Curriculum


Curriculum doesn’t have to be costly – isn’t that good news? The most important thing about education is that our children learn, not that they learn out of one whole textbook or curriculum set. You can take your kids on a world tour with this free homeschool Geography Curriculum, and it’s free! Click here to […]

Best Beach Picture Ideas


When you head to the lake or beach, make sure you take some pictures. I’m usually so busy laying out towels and handing out tuna salad sandwiches that I forget to take even one picture! And while you’re taking pictures, you might as well take some fabulously fun ones! Some of these ideas are optical illusions […]

FREE Printable Down On the Farm Gross Motor Movement Game


A fun little activity for preschoolers, this gross motor movement game will have your child frolicking and giggling with delight. Children love farm animals and will enjoy having a reason to waddle like a duck or roll like a pig! It’s a fun activity to get your little one moving! Click here to download your free […]

50 States Series: Iowa

I am so excited about our next stop on the 50 States tour - Iowa. Find printables, recipes, activities and more to make the most of your study. ::

I have driven through Iowa several times, but only on my way through to another destination. I have stopped off in Des Moines during a college choir tour, but we didn’t get to do much sight-seeing. However, I do remember driving through Iowa with a friend on our way back from a conference in Minnesota. On […]

64 Cooling Icebox Cake Recipes

During the super hot days of summer, no one wants to use the oven. Check out these cooling Icebox Cake Recipes, that don't require heat! ::

Having lived in the south for most of my life, I learned to appreciate meals that didn’t require cooking…or at least ones that didn’t require the use of the oven. Anything to help keep the house cooler was a plus. And my kids love desserts, so icebox cakes were a huge hit in our house, […]

Exploring Landmarks Unit Five

Exploring Landmarks Part Five

What special or historic events have taken place at the Reichstag? Who built the Atomium? Why was Machu Picchu built? Explore these and many more questions with Exploring Landmarks Unit 5. Included are notebooking pages for each of the seven featured landmarks – Atomium, Lincoln Memorial, Machu Picchu, Mount Rushmore, Reichstag, Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge – along […]

FREE Printable Preschool and Kindergarten Angry Birds Packs


Is there anyone out there that still plays Angry Birds? I think they may have gone on to bigger and better things like movies (instead of the online game.) I certainly have played my fair share of the game of birds and piggies. They are still cute and colorful, and your youngster will enjoy these […]

FREE Printable Greater-Than, Less-Than Game (Inequalities)


As children grasp the concept of greater-than/less-than, they begin to understand the relationship between numbers and their values. This free, printable file folder game will strengthen that concept as well as place value. It comes with complete instructions and the option to print in black and white or color. This game so cute – your child will be […]

US Presidents Coloring Pages for Kids {FREE Printable Book}


Here are some great United States Presidents Coloring Pages for kids. They can be used in a U.S. History unit, in US President lessons or during patriotic holidays, like the 4th of July. This printable book is easy to use during traveling, too!   This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. Simply click […]

Pictures of US Presidents {FREE Printable 3-Part Cards}


This is a great way to learn our US History and have fun with these Pictures of US Presidents! These are printable, 3-part cards that can be used as a memory game or a matching game. Either way, it will be fun!  This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to […]

FREE Star Wars Planner Box Sticker Printables


Your Star Wars fans will love these planner box sticker printables! These sticker boxes measure 1.5″ by .5″ and can fit in weekly layout boxes of many popular planners. They would also work great for creating your very own Star Wars themed planner. You can print these on plain paper and use them for reading […]

FREE Summer Reading Challenge and Printable Bingo Game


I always have a hard time keeping my kids motivated to read and learn during the summer. It seems like all they want to do is play.Your kids can get excited about reading this summer with this free reading Bingo game! Each box on the game card has a unique and simple book idea. Every […]

Setting Limits on Electronics with FREE Printable


All year long, electronics have a pull on the family, but they are especially tempting when school isn’t “in.” Whether it’s television, texting, gaming, or surfing the internet, they all want a large piece of our time! This freebie is going to help us with the monster. There are words of advice and a free […]

50 States Series: Indiana

I am so excited about our next stop on the 50 States tour - Indiana. Find printables, recipes, activities and more to make the most of your study. ::

I am so happy we have finally landed in Indiana on our 50 States tour! We have lived in Indiana for the past four years and we love it. The state is rich with history and there are so many wonderful day trips and sites to see. We love taking day trips and just driving […]

89 Refreshing Summer Popsicle Recipes

Who doesn't love a delicious, refreshing popsicle on a hot summer day? Check out these amazing recipes! ::

My kids have recently figured out they can make their own popsicles. We have used our own sugar-free fruit punch drinks to start, but now they want to know all the different flavors they can make and create themselves. They are thoroughly fascinated with the process of creating them and then they set timers to […]

Famous Inventor Series: Free Printables, Unit Studies and Hands On Activities – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

This is the seventh post in our famous inventors series. If you enjoy unit studies in your homeschool you will love this series on famous inventors. Inventions are fascinating and inventors are so much fun to learn about. It is a great conversation when you talk to your kids about the inventions that were created […]

FREE Printable Science Coloring Pages


Coloring pages are fun and we usually associate them with little kids, but did you know they can be helpful to an older child as well? They can be a terrific learning aid because, really, all ages enjoy coloring! These sheets combine concepts like the human cell with the fun of crayons, markers, or colored […]

Watermelon Themed Printables and Crafts

watermelon themed

Summer is officially here and summer to my family means eating lots of watermelons outside!My kids love watermelons. I don’t like how messy they are, so whenever we get a watermelon I always send them outside with a large chunk. We have fond memories of playing outside on a hot summer day, eating a big […]

How to Make Your Own Bubble Blower


My girls absolutely love blowing bubbles. It is their favorite summer past time. We are always looking for fun crafts and activities to do in the summer. This craft will keep your kids happy and entertained during the summer. It is also super simple to make with items you can find around your house.  Find […]

Drawing the Human Face: A Free Primer


Do you have a budding artist in your homeschool? My girls love to draw. My 12 year old has always had trouble drawing people and was just asking me if I could find some help for her. I was excited to find this free booklet on drawing the human face!These drawing tutorials and tips are […]

Over 270 Meals Kids Can Cook

Kids can learn to cook from the time they can hold a spoon. Teach them how with this HUGE list of recipes Kids Can Cook! ::

Do your kids love to help in the kitchen? I know mine do, but with their ages I’m not always doing something they can help with. As they get older, I realize they don’t know as much about preparing meals as they should, so I decided to change that this summer. I went on the […]